Friday, September 25, 2009

Unbelievable findings this morning!

This morning I took off to pick up mom for a beach walk. It was nice and comfy cool weather....until the sun popped out. I was surprised to find so much glass today.

We had a nice walk and decided to head to town for a bite to eat. We didn't get far...a yard sale sign! I made a U-turn on hwy 20 and we were on our way. The home was tucked away on a wooded road and there in front of us were treasures galore. Three sisters were clearing out their mother's home of things the family had no need for. As I approached the yard my heart stopped and I took a deep breath. There stood a very old dress form with a beautiful iron stand.

 Oh how I have wanted one for so long but could not bring myself to pay the asking prices I have seen. Well, I took a chance and asked anyway, fearing the worse. The sweet lady said she would take $5. My head was swimming and I couldn't believe my ears. I repeated the price and she said yes, $5. SOLD! Then she proceeded to tell me a little about how they used to play with her and they named her Matilda. How sweet and charming is that? I happily promised her name would remain Matilda forever. I really could not believe I now owned her. Although I have longed for a dress form, I could never have found one with such sweet memories attached as three sisters playing with her for many years. I love her!

I continued to browse and each step I took I found a treasure, a needful thing. This dear old stool with the worn leather seat just had to come home with me.....along with the old plaster frame.

 Mom found this box of crocheted pieces and told them what I would do with it. One sister said she had a crazy quilt and was interested in learning. She took my info and said she had laces she hadn't gone through yet  and will call me when she does.

 Next I found this box of large jars which are perfect for classroom stash after a good cleaning.

There were so many things I wanted but had no place for so they are left for others to treasure. I was happy with Matilda and as we were leaving one of them said they were so happy Matilda got the right home. And she did!

I dropped mom off after we went to town for lunch and spotted another sale near my home. I found this reproduction washboard which is the perfect green.

What a fun day of surprises. It can't get better than this! My heart can't take it! LOL.

This morning I placed my new sign on the class room door for a picture. It is so nice!

Here is the comfy cushions from Ms. B. They are like sitting on a cloud.

 DH is home, gotta go show him Matilda!


  1. Lucky girl and lucky Matilda to have found you! Sharon I am so envious of your sea glass.....;-}

  2. What a wonderful day and a wonderful story!!!! That yard sale experience has to be close to one of the best you ahve ever had!!! matilda is the perfect addition and the story is priceless!! What a price, what luck and she now has the perfect home!! Big Hugs.!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. You run into the greatest finds-I am so happy you are finding such great things-for you and class. Everyone will want to move in your place is so beautiful. What a great beach glass find. Hugs Leslie

  4. Beautiful finds! I like that green wash board. They did a nice job on it. Sure wish I could come shop with you!

  5. Oh, Pat, Matilda is wonderful! What a great addition to your beautiful classroom. Wish I lived closer so I could visit!! You certainly are lucky with your yard sale finds... :)

  6. What wonderful finds Pat. Matilda sure does have the perfect new home. In Australia, we have garage sales. I don't seem to get to many of them, but I am just off now to check out our local Op Shop (there was a lovely vintage red velvet dress there the other week, great for Christmas CQ),hope It's still there as I was a little short of cash then. Also the library and to pick up the Saturday morning paper.

  7. Oh my goodness....what a find! I can't believe the price you paid for it.

    I love the washboard too. It was a good day.

  8. Hi Pat,
    It made me wonder what my mom and I enjoyed doing together. What a perfect day you had with your mom, not to mention those great finds and buys.

  9. OH WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!My own heart was skipping beats seeing these pic's!
    I'm SOO excited for you ~ I can't take it.
    FORGET THE CHORES ~ I'm hunting for tag sales tomorrow!

  10. That is a beautiful find and a beautiful way to remember a day with your mom. My 7 yr. old daughter loves to beachcomb, but we've only found one piece of white glass so far. We live in the Left Coast, but you seem to find more treasures on the shores of your lake than we do the ocean. (:

  11. You had me at the Sea Glass! Then you went and added the dress form - complete with name and 'soul'! LUCKY,LUCKY Lady!!

  12. What wonderful treasures. I am so happy for you. My dress form's name is Mittie May after one of my great grandmothers.

  13. You really hit the jackpot yesterday with your seaglass treasures, and your yard sale finds. We rarely see them over here!

    Off to daydream about Matilda - like you I have always longed for one - yours looks a genuine antique!

    What a find with the crochet - and the promise of more you come.

    Brilliant. You class door looks perfect with the sign - a lovely heritage colour

    Have a good weekend. My internet connection is playing up so its a bit hit and miss until I can get it sorted

  14. Oh no fair!!! I have wanted a vintage dress form forever also! I'm coming to your neck of the woods to garage sale!! LOL! This was definitely the perfect garage sale for you!!!! Matilda and laces, vintage frames, you're so lucky!

  15. What a wonderful day for treasures! Your classroom is amazing - I can feel the love evem through the photos. Congratulations and best wishes!

  16. You sure have been gifted with treasures lately. Great finds! I wish I lived closer to attend your classes. Looks like a lot of fun will be had by all.

  17. Awww, what a great day you had!! Thanks for sharing all these pics :)


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