Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks! Fun treats just arrived!

Thank you  Maureen for guiding me to the product I was in search of. That is exactly it! I just ordered some and will share the results of my play day with you all.

Now..for some fun sharing. I promised myself that I wouldn't blog until I finished my samples for class....well darn it all, I guess some (few)promises are made to be broken. I was ironing and heard a car door, looked out the studio window and down in the driveway was one of my son's friend's truck. I quickly ran down the stairs to unlock the door because since the escaped prisoners from two weeks ago in Chicago, I feel safer with locked doors. Anyway, Here Neal was holding the coolest old iron is a trellis but I can't think of the proper name for it. "Thingy" covers everything, so......

He said his Aunt didn't want it and his MIL didn't either because it was  from a cemetery. Well, I'm afraid he knows me too well because I love it! I told him it was as exciting to me as being given gold! Bring me a rusty nail and watch me dance! I must place this in the perfect garden spot. Isn't it the coolest? I know ,I know...I get too excited however I know there are many of you out there who feel the same way over cast offs. Then there is the warm fuzzy feeling that someone thought of you to rescue it and give it new life.(Thanks Nealyo!)

I turned to go back inside when I saw a long box apparently from the FedEx guy. It was from THE STUDIO, of Danielson Designs of Trinidad Colorado....the sponsors of my giveaway on my birthday, Sept 30th!!! I tore open the package(real lady like) and first read the enclosed letter....

I love this story of their origin and have a new respect for this company.I hope you can click on the letter to read it about all they are doing for their community and even digging wells in Africa! They are truly good people helping so many and I will continue to share their website with all my readers and friends as well as purchase from them in the future. I wish all businesses had morals like this one. Kudos to Danielson Designs!!!!

So...wanna see my sign?

It is absolutely beautiful. It has a pale sage green background with cream lettering and brown lettering. It is my favorite saying for students....Always follow your bliss!  It has a slot to hang on the wall and a peg to prop up on a table. I can't wait to put it in the class room. Thank you so much Laura for contacting me and sponsoring my 50th birthday giveaway. You rock!

Ok, I must get back to work although my mind will be wandering off every few seconds....


  1. Pat , Love the sign. I must see if I can dig out the picture of mine from another place and life.
    50 years young I say. You look great.
    So far back I hardly remember mine.
    Another bump in this road!
    Now what would you like for your birthday?

    Lavenders blue dilly, dilly, lavenders green.
    I wrote the rhyme on an apron once, looked cool.
    Will put a picture on my site.

    I will be back for your birthday to see what you got!
    love Lilla

    The rusted trellis THINGY is wonderful as well- a clematis would be very happy on it!! So cool that A young friend of your son's thought of you!! i love it when the younger ones "get" us!!!

    Big hugs!

  3. The metal item is really neat and I love your new Gatherings sign...really beautiful!

  4. What a fabulous day of surprises how wonderful - I so covet your metal trellis. Rust in the 'in thing' in gardens over here - so you are way up with the latest trend.

    Love the letter - Danielson Designs - what a wonderful company - your new sign is brilliant isn't it.

    Good luck with your workshops.

  5. I love your sign and the letter is wonderful. We need more people like that in this world. I also love the trellis and the thoughtful fellow who brought it to you. How very special! Sharon

  6. Beautiful! Just lovely as ever! Will have to check this out!

    I love the Trellis. I'd have sooooo brought this home with me!

    Hugs to you Oh Talented One~


  7. Love the sign. And the trellis is exactly made for you-what a nice gift!! Leslie

  8. Wow, that is just too cool. I love the company's letter and your sign. The trellis is none to shabby, either (well, it is, but you know what I mean).


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