Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still thinking about giveaway prize...............

I haven't forgotten about the September giveaway my friends, it's just hard coming up with something different and fun. I will think hard this weekend and post on Monday.

Last night I worked on the last puzzles I owe. I'll take a pic tomorrow before I mail them off. My camera's battery is charging and I am too tired to wait for it. It has been one super busy day.

I started cleaning bathrooms again first thing this morning. Naturally that led to other places, which led me to the laundry room so I finished all the laundry then vacuumed which led me to the hall which needed  a fresh mop, and so on. When I finished inside I headed to the class room to work on ribbons. I got bored fast and decided to start bringing things in like the felting stuff and odds & ends. Then I received a cal from my new bud Dawn (the flight attendant) she was calling from San Antonio,LOL. We made plans for a visit tomorrow. It will be great to see her.
After the short phone break I watered the deck plants then decided to mow the front yard, which led to the back yard, side yard, and garden which I have to push mow. Whew! It was a beautiful day and I should have been floating but when you get a cleaning bug, ya gotta clean.
After mowing I dyed a few more ribbons, ok, I got carried away and dyed way more ribbons. They dried in the sun and now they are in the class room to iron and card. Now I am going to finish one more puzzle and hit the hay!

Before I go, I wanted to share some old photos I found in the slides. The good old days!

Me and mom sitting under a peach tree in Michigan in 1976. Our family went to all of the U-pick fruit fields in Michigan during the Summer.

This was taken the day I graduated Beauty college. I won the gold curling iron for giving the most perms.
Ok...that's it for tonight. Sweet dreams !


  1. I get those cleaning bugs too. Also I went to beauty college in 1971...then later on to nursing retired and doing art! Always enjoy your posts. Love your birds nests most of all. My word verification is nests BTW. Funny isn't it!

  2. What a busy bee your were, but isn't it wonderful to fill your day - and sleep peacefully having achieved so much.

    I love your trip down memory lane - those photos are wonderful.

    Do you still look the same?

    Hope the sun shines on you today - we are fast approaching our Autumn


  3. Wow that was a busy day, I a tired just reading about it. Great pictures!

  4. The gold curling iron! What a cherished treasure. I'll wait to see how you incorporate it into one of your projects someday. ;-)

  5. Will watch for your giveaway. My daughter is currently in beauty school in Knoxville, and I am hoping she does well. I hope the cleaning bug hits me soon!

  6. What other secrets are you keeping from us? A golden curling iron.!!! I have never seen one of those. All kidding aside it is fun going back thru old photos. We were doing that a few weeks back looking for old photos of people who were at our wedding.

    The picture is nice to have of you and your Mom.
    Hope she is feeling better.




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