Monday, September 28, 2009

A new day.

It is windy and gray outside but bright and calm inside.I have the pot on for tea and a cranberry scented candle filling the air with it's sweet scent and am planning for a day of sewing.

I walked out the front door this morning to find it much brighter despite the gray overcast skies....the tree limb that fell has really opened the sky for front porch sewing and reading.After all, you must find the good in every bad situation right?
Although it will be much cooler here this week, I plan on stealing a few moments to read a bit from a wonderful book Jilly loaned me.The Lace Makers of Glenmara looks very interesting to me.

   Thank you for the kind comments and concerns from our fallen tree incident, and yes, the old Maple tree will be fine. It just pruned itself.

Something to smile about..........Last evening I discovered a bloom and more buds on my purple sweet potato vine.

Love the color! I love Autumn weather but not the end of blooming season. This is one reason I take plenty of pictures. When it's freezing and the snow is blowing and everything is white and gray, I can look back and remember the bright and warm sunny days spent enjoying my garden treasures. What would we do without flowers and trees?

I wanted to share this weeks Hobby Lobby coupon with you.

Enjoy and find something creative to play with.
Have a great day!


  1. How wonderful to sit on your porch and sew! Its wonderful being in the open air isn't it.

    I paid a visit to a blogger friend today - we didn't get any crafting done but we did lots of laughing and talking and I got in real life her lovely work.

    Sorry to hear about your tree. We had to lop some of ours last Monday - well the hedge trimmer/tree lopper man did - thought it better to give some a bit of a trim as there had been fierce winds.

    Popped something in the post on Friday - hope it arrives for your birthday - they said it should!

  2. There is always a silver lining in every cloud (as my mother always says). Glad that you have found it. I can imagine how you hate to see the blooming end.

  3. It's wonderful to see flowers this time of year. The wind is blowing like crazy!! Not Not Not ready for winter. I need some beautiful fall-love fall the best-hows your tree? Leslie

  4. Oh my gosh, Pat! I just read about your tree incident. Poor tree :(

    I'm glad you and the house are ok though!

  5. Tea, flowers, a good book and a coupon for Hobby Lobby. This is a starkisssed day. Wishing you all the best as well. Sea Witch

  6. Sounds like your Fall is off to a Wonderful beginning! What a perfect day and pretty purple flower!

  7. Happy birthday.
    Check your email!
    aloha Lilla

  8. When I returned to Florida last Oct. I had planted the sweet potato vine in the pots the previous winter and I never saw a flower bt actually had a small potato on it. I had to pull everything out and start again but I was amazed at the potato.

    Sorry about your old tree. We just had the tree man here today to give us an estimate to remove an old tree that has grown so large it has started to lift the deck stairs and they are on an angle. The top one is wood but the bottom one is really thick flagstone. Plus our neighbour behind us has never liked this tree and it hangs over his yard. We have all the trees trimmed every couple of years but he will be happy to see this gone. I feel bad as I hate to lose a tree. It is the reason why we bought our house for all the old trees.



  9. It is wonderful to be able to look at the world like you do! Hope that the limb is cleaned up and you can forget it!!


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