Friday, September 11, 2009

Last puzzle pieces mailed

Well, the last 6 puzzle pieces are in the mail.

You can see each one here. Thank you ladies for your patience. It has been a crazy Summer with unexpected chores and I am so happy to have these sent off to you as of today.
If for some reason you exchanged with me and I haven't sent you one, please let me know. I could have easily overlooked my notes.
I took a little walk through the garden this morning and I see I really need to plant more Fall color.

 This is the old Summer kitchen aka  "Crazy Gatherings" class room..please excuse the garbage can, and those are the neat chairs my friend Karen brought me. I must get busy with some paint and fabric.

 You know who is looking never out of moms sight.

Have a great day everyone, I am off to iron ribbons as you can see....the class if full of them!


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your ribbons ARE beautiful, I can attest to that as I've seen them up close and "in the flesh"! Now if you only didn't live halfway across the US so I could see your classroom in person. Oh well, I'll have to be content with photos. Glad you recoevered from the cleaning bug... LOL

  2. I love these puzzle pieces...they are so pretty and what a lovely idea. thank you for sharing them. Sea Witch

  3. Hi Pat..
    your yard is lovely... looks like you have a big space.... I'm tired thinking about how much work it is...ha tell you about it eh??
    Your summer kitchen is quite the place.. so rustic and full of history which only one can imagine..You will have so much pleasure teaching there....
    Look at all your ribbon! You have been a busy girl..
    and look at Angel looking mischievious!! so sweet
    Great to get the update.
    It is our anniversary to-day and I have just posted about it.. Do pop by if you have time and see what the old dog looked like "Then" ;-]

  4. Fantastic puzzle pieces - off to search other posts about how to make them.

    They are mini works of art aren't they, and a great way to start learning how to sew etc. Or perhaps I should start with just squares on second thoughts!

    Your garden is adorable - and how lovely to had such an established one.

    Your little 'baby' is so very cute - I would love a dog - but not 'allowed' one, but I do have little bantams instead with follow us around like little dogs!

    I am so enjoying reading your blogs and following up your links - great fun - and even greater inspiration!

  5. Pat those puzzle pieces are so precious! I'm always amazed at how much detail can be put into a small little cq piece. So pretty!

  6. Hi Pat...I love these puzzle pieces,
    who would have thought to do clever!
    Your place is looking lovely as always..
    Julia ♥

  7. Love the puzzle pieces, your work is always stunning. Adorable garden/sitting area too.

  8. that is an awful lot of ribbon but with students coming I am suret aht it won't last long!!!
    Glad for you that you got your puzzle peices done- perhaps you should limit the # that you swap this time??? I know, I know you want one form everyone, but........
    The summer kitchen is looking smashing!!!


  9. This is so beautiful , I only have made puzzle pieces from childrens wooden puzzle pieces !
    I love , love , love them !
    Love from the Netherlands RINI

  10. Your puzzle pieces are amazing! And would you look at all that ribbon!!!

  11. Pat, your puzzle pieces look fabulous! It amazes me that you can do such beautiful work on something so small. WOW!!

  12. Well as proud owner of the lower left I would just have to scream out a BIG THANK YOU!
    I really want to do something special with them but haven't come up with the perfect idea yet!


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