Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Just breathing today

Whew! " Where did the summer go?" ..I hear it almost daily and I am sorry but I don't have the answer. I can't believe it is Sept 1st already. All I can remember this summer is painting one white wall after another. Why did so many tenants have to move all at once????? One more day in the kitchen and one more duplex to paint then I can call it quits for this year. Too bad it was during summer, I sure hated to waste one day indoors. I tried to make up for it but naturally the weather didn't cooperate. Happily I cannot finish my painting until DH fixes a few wall areas. :-) Not complaining about that at all!

Today I am taking time to breath. This morning I ran to the store for a few things and I just finished laundry, so now it is "ME" time. I will sit by the pool and browse the newest issues of Romantic Homes and Victoria magazines with a huge glass of ice water and grapes. This afternoon I will sew a bit on the last puzzle pieces and make a few nests before working on the commissioned wall hanging.After dinner we are going for cell phones. Yes, I said it, I am getting a cell phone. DH said it was just too hard to contact each other with working on MIL's rentals, plus he wants our mom's to be able to contact us at any time. I guess it is time. Besides, Willa said I was important enough to have one :-)...thanks Willa.

So, September begins.

Autumn crispness is in the air, and I will soon be settled in my class room ready for  classes and meeting new ladies with smiling faces and the desire to create.
I made some bead soup for the class room and sequin stew. This is really a lot of fun gathering for students to pick and choose goodies to play with. I almost wish I were a student taking a class......too fun!
Here is the newest Hobby Lobby coupon for you !
Have a great day.


  1. Have fun with your "ME" time. You deserve it.Sharon

  2. Hi Pat
    Cell phones are a neccessary evil these days. But they are a great way to keep track of the kids and they have no excuse not to call. It is also a comfort that your moms can reach you whenever they need. Most cell phones have caller ID, so once you program the numbers in of the people you want to talk to you can just ignore any other calls. The only people who have my cell number are the people I want to talk to .
    Good Luck on your relaxing BTW

  3. Pat-I have a cell phone but my son gets mad cause I never turn it on. I only got it for emergencys and have had to use it-thanks heavens I have it. Leslie

  4. Oh sitting by the pool sounds wonderful!!! I have been working on getting a garage sale together.


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