Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I sadly bid farewell to Summer and happily welcome Autumn

When the days fly by so quickly does it mean you have enjoyed them so much or that you were too busy to stop and smell the roses? I'm not quite sure. I do try to enjoy each day and although I fill my days with several tasks, I make most of them enjoyable ones. Its funny that since the passing of my father in 2001, I have been driven to make the best of every day no matter what it brings. I guess like many of us, I got caught up in life's agenda and not my own until my awakening. I believe it has changed me into a happier person which seems odd to admit from such a sad event.
I will miss Summer, but the seasons ahead promise to bring new adventures and beauty to my life.

My Summer reflections....awaking to the sweet sound of birdsong, beautiful sunrises across the field,

colorful blooms and perfumed air as I sit in the garden and dream of blooms and possibly chocolate :-)

walking the shoreline breathing in fresh air, listening to gentle waves and shorebirds serenading me as I gather mermaid tears, bits of shells and tiny driftwood for special projects,

peacefully floating in water while being bathed in sunshine dreaming of wonderful friends,

polished toenails, sandals, jeans and t shirts, stitching or reading and having tea on the front porch swing and ending my days with a bubble bath and sip of wine before drifting off to lavender scented dreams....with a Chihuahua snoring in my ear,LOL.
Then of course there was the endless painting....which will soon be only a memory :-)

Autumn....I welcome you because I anticipate warm spiced cider,

giggling women playing with fabrics,beads,lace and all things fun in the new class room,colorful foliage and leaves falling from heaven, crisp cool mornings in my nightgown sipping vanilla chai wrapped in a quilt swinging with Angell on the porch ,watching beautiful fuchsia sunrises and listening to the birds gathering for their long trip south.......

.... long bike rides on sunny days with the scent of harvest filling the air,

 eating a caramel apple, baking zucchini bread from my brother's harvest,Michigan trips with mom to fruit stands,and most of all, turning 50 and knowing who I am and being ok with it .....finally.

 Time to exhale then begin a new journey. Welcome Autumn!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - what a wonderful post - you should be writing a book. The top image is one of my favourite.

    You sound like you live the most perfect life in the world.

    I feel the same about you - enjoying each day - and had the same experience of being so aware of how short our lives are - and now quickly time flies by.

    I am sitting in my wooden little studio at the end of my garden. The sun is still shining, but after a drought of a summer, leaves are falling - black clouds are just appearing amongst in the distance amongst the white fluffy ones. The chickens are telling me its time for their supper.

    I think I will remember every word of your post today - and go to sleep with the thought of having a swing on a front porch in pefect location as yours.

    Thank you for the best post on a blog I have read in ages x

  2. Beautiful, Pat. Life is really too short and it is necessary to pause and enjoy the days.

    I always say that my fifties were the best. I really enjoyed those years. The sixties are gret too - so far.

  3. What awonderful post!! Youare quite an accomplished writter!!

    Happy Autumn to you my friend!!!!!

  4. Hi Pat,
    I was so touched by your beautiful and heartfelt post.

    Your silk ribbon embroidery and crazy quilting is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I lived in the area so I could take a class from you.

    Thank you so very much for leaving your lovely comment on my blog and for entering in my giveaway!
    Good Luck!
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  5. This post is beautiful Pat, you touched all my senses, and I can't wait to meet you in October!

  6. I just found your blog through Sea Witch... I think we speak the same language! Thank you for a lovely blog!!

  7. What a beautiful post, Pat! Loss has a way of bringing to fore how precious each and every hour of each and every day truly is. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. A lovely post which gives me a lot to ponder - thank you! And happy birthday, whenever your special day may be. My 50th is tomorrow, so it was perfect timing for me to find this post today. Now I will have it in the forefront of my thoughts.


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