Friday, September 18, 2009

Hit and miss

Where to begin? I finished the third rental and have two weeks until the last one is ready. I welcome that time to prep for CQ classes starting in Oct. I have had many special friends stop by to see the class and/or  offer neat things.... Dawn stopped by and we got to catch up a bit which was really nice. She has offered to take me to LA for a stash trip. We will be doing this for sure. CA here I come! Thanks Dawn :-) Fly safe! While we were gabbing away my mom and her friend stopped by and brought me two sunshiny yellow mums for the class room entrance. I had a mauve one next to my old wooden wagon and those two additions just brightened it all up. I'm ready for fall!

I was in a dye jam and Ellen happened to phone me. Well, that was just perfect timing, the dye queen on the line? She really helped me out and shared her latest book with me. Ellen has been writing beautiful instructional books which she now publishes herself.You can find them on her website or on Amazon.


Ellen has also started offering her threads in groups to be used with her books. Talk about a busy gal!

On Sunday, Jilly invited me to  run with her to South Bend. We stopped in Erica's but I didn't find anything..that's a first! Jill made up for that,LOL.Then we decided to go antiquing. Oh what a wonderful Antique shop we found. One booth just made my knees weak. Actually Jill was taking something to the front desk, passed this particular booth , came back to get me because she knew I would need to see it right away...yes, she made me take a deep breath before entering,LOL. Vintage dresses, lace,hats, you name it. Light and airy offerings all around me as I flitted from one item to the next. I found several laces and Jilly found a pretty cream purse. If I would have thought to take a picture with the phone, I would have something to share. Next time!

Then on Tuesday after returning home from a long day of work, Jill popped in with a surprise. She found this neat shelf unit and it was just what I needed for jars of goodies for the class. It is now painted white with lace dripping off the edges and being filled with jars of beads, threads, etc.Thanks so much Jilly!

Yesterday my friend Leslie from St Joe came to play.She brought me a large bag of her gathered blue mermaid tears (beach glass). I didn't want to take them as you can imagine ;-), but added them to my collection. Leslie is a nurse and naturally stressed out at times, so she needed a day of fun. I was happy she decided to spend the day with me. We shopped a bit then returned home to play. A bit of Angelina fibers, imaging, and tube bead making made for a relaxing time as we gabbed the day away. It was such a pleasant day and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Leslie!

Speaking of other Michigan friend, Leslie, invited me to the Art Institute of Chicago in October to see the Victorian Photo-collage exhibit. I saw the ad in the Oct 09 issue of Romantic Homes (pg 23) Images? Altered? Yes! I can't wait. We are taking the train into Chicago which is near the Institute so we can enjoy each others company and not fight traffic. I am looking forward to a nice day with a sweet friend.

I am headed out to give those cute chairs from Karen another coat of paint. They fit in perfectly. Thanks again Karen!
Unfortunately I had to cancel a trip to a wonderful thread shop tomorrow with Karol and Lelia, but it was so nice for them to offer and I do want a rain check!

I'll tell you, I don't know what I did to deserve such blessings, but I certainly appreciate each one.Thank you all for all of your encouragement, ideas, offerings, and friendship. In person and online, I have the best friends a girl can have.

 Have a great evening and super weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful week with us - I felt swept away with the excitement. How wonderful. I shall have to start looking all these places you are swanning off to!

    I have just planted some yellow 'mums' myself - fancy that - mine are only small at the moment, but in the years to come they are going to be tall and curvaceous!

    Have a busy bungalow family filled weekend - so will catch up with you later in the week

  2. Sounds like a busy but of so much fun week! Thanks for sharing friend. Sharon

  3. It sounds as though you have been having so much fun with wonderful friends. It does sound as though you have been busy and will continue to be. Enjoy Chicago and LA.

  4. Pat,
    Glad you had such a super week!! I am surprised that you get anything done!! LOL

  5. It is so easy and such a joy to be a good friend to you , dear Pat!!! you are a shining star amoung women!!! You are very easy to care for- only problem is the miles between!!
    so glad to here that you dear Mum is feeling better!!
    Big Hugs!

  6. Pat, so you're coming to LA...I know your headed for the fashion district....I'll be up there next week to do a bit of shopping myself....lace, beads, trims...etc.....enjoy your trip!


  7. Friends are the best blessings! Glad you have so many and they all came together to help you out!!!

  8. Goodness, you've been busy! I can't wait to see pictures of the transformed book case and other things.


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