Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't miss this giveaway!

To celebrate my 50th birthday, I wanted to offer something special. This week I was just so busy that I didn't get to post on Monday as I had planned , and once again serendipity steps in.

For a chance to win THE prize.....

You don't have to be a blogger to enter. You must have an email address.You must leave a comment on this post only so it is easier to collect names. You may post any comment from today until 6:00 am( central standard time) Wed September 30th. Say hi , leave words of wisdom, or tell me what you had for breakfast...I don't care,just post.

I will find the winner from the random do-hickey site and post the winner's name on October first.You will then receive a promo code to create something cool for free,( including shipping!) There will only be one winner for this giveaway.

Oh! You probably want to know what the prize is? Well, Laura Roberts of Danielson Designs,Ltd. which recently launched a website called ,"The Studio", has generously donated this prize to give my blog readers a chance to personalize any sign or frame on their website,to then be created and shipped to them for free.

This is a $45 offer including postage and a chance to make a special keepsake. You must browse their site, read their story,and view the examples. I know you all love sayings, poems, etc, and it is very easy and fun to create.
It is an awesome product and I know because I just created a sign myself. When it arrives I shall share it with you.

A huge THANK YOU to Laura for making this giveaway so special. I'm excited for the winner!


  1. What a nice give away! Happy 50th and many more happy and healthy ones.

  2. Cool another give away, you are most generous. I always feared the big 5 0 but the 50's have been the best time of my life, so far any way.

  3. Congratulations on your 50th birthday - wish I was 50 again! I am not sure I have any words of wisdom to impart.

    I just try to cram as much in to every day so that I feel 'alive' whatever I achieve. Travel through life causing as few 'ripples' as you can, and cherish every moment.

    It is so generous of you and Laura to give away such a wonderful gift.

    I will certainly be visiting her site - thank you for the link.

    Good luck everybody.


  4. You can't be turning "50"! You look like a young lady, have the energy of 10,000 people and a garden to die for. LOL girl! I wish I was closer I'd take you for tea and crumpets or maybe chocolate!! Or a margarita or two!! When I turned 50 it was a real awakening and I have had a ball ever since. Enjoy friend. Sharon

  5. 50? You jest! I'm the big 50, too! Life is JUST BEGINNING!

    Love to you~ Rebecca

  6. Happy birthday. I loved my 50s. I'm sure you will too.

  7. You can't be 50--how young you look! I had a great day with you-we will do it again soon-Hugs Leslie

  8. Being 50 isn't bad at all! Its nuch better than the alternative, I figure! Happy Birthday PAt. PLease enter mein you rdraw- such fun!!

  9. Happy 50th, Pat!! They say 50 is the new 30 (whoever "they" are, LOL), so you're a sweet young thing! ;-) What a great prize; I love her site and had already bookmarked it! Hugs, Cathy

  10. What a beautiful way to celebrate that great milestone birthday...a giveaway. So generous.
    Fifty ain't too bad :+}. I finished one career and just started a fun second one and I just turned 55.
    I so LOVE reading your blog - it is the first one I check everyday after work. Thank you for the beauty. Wish I lived close enough to take a class...they are going to be such fun full of joy and beauty.
    Have a great day and many blessings for this birthday and many more. Lana, Scottsboro, AL

  11. Happy 50th. You are catching up with me. Thanks for such a nice giveaway. I checked out the site and sure looks like a fun one.

  12. Happy Birthday, How do you manage to keep your energy level so high? I should imagine your good friends are a great help. Some people seem to be born with the enviable gift of making friends. You are truly blessed Best wishes Lesley

  13. Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful give away prize.

  14. Just wanted to share this with you....

    'The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention' ~Oscar Wilde~

    Happy Birthday Pat!

  15. Pat,
    What a cool give away!! Happy Birthday dear friend! Mine is on Mon but I will be alittle older than you. So enjoy all the fun on your

  16. What a great giveaway Pat! Hope you have the greatest of birthdays!

  17. Happy Happy Birthday, dear girl!!
    Big hugs!

  18. Pat, glad to see you back....doing the happy feet dance for your birthday....HAPPY...HAPPY..HAPPY!

    Agape's the greatest gift you can give or receive!!!


  19. A very Happy Birthday to you!

  20. Happy Birthday. It's all about love and fun. Enjoy the journey of your next 50.

  21. 50 verything is better after this milestone. Many blessings for you Pat

  22. Pat, you will love being 50! I found it to be very freeing. I didn't plan the part of having exploratory surgery only to find out I had advanced ovarian cancer! I was supposed to be on a cruise in the Carrebbean(sp?) with my husband and instead I was in ICU on a respirator fighting for my life. Almost eleven years later I am still alive much to the surprise of the medical community. They just don't know how stubborn I am! :-) This journey has taught me so many valuable lessons in life; live each day to the fullest, don't think I will do that tomorrow as you may not have a tomorrow, thank God daily for your life, and LIVE, Laugh, and Love each and everyday.
    Symptoms of ovarian cancer:
    pelvic or abdominal pain
    trouble eating or feeling full quickly
    urinary urgency
    back pain
    pain during sex
    menstrual changes
    if symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, consult your physician

    I only share this with you to try to save a woman's life. Those of us that have been diagnosed with this cancer knew none of the symptoms. I have lost countless friends I have met through this cancer journey. I have been instrumental in saving one life and I hope to do so again.

  23. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

  24. Pat, you are so generous and this gift if lovely. Hope you have a happy 50th. I celebrated mine three years ago and it ended up being the best year I've had in a long time. Here's hoping for a great year for you... Darlene

  25. Happy, happy Birthday. May you be blessed with health, long life and good friends!

  26. What a kind idea to give away a pressie on you birthday. My 50s have been fabulous so far - hope yours are even better.

  27. Happy 50th! What an awesome prize! This year is both my brother and his wife's 50th and we've had some fun celebrations (with more planned). I hope yours is great. The 50s are great! (I'm looking forward to the 60s!--yikes!)

  28. Happy 50th Pat, I'm right behind you, Nov 17th is my lucky day! As always I enjoy looking and learning what you are up to. Everything about you is beautiful, you and your creations.
    Thanks to all you offer the world. Hugs Lisa

    PS my group finished the puzzle underwater sceen, it turned out nice and you can see it on my blog

  29. Happy, happy birthday. I enjoy your blog so much.

  30. Hey Pat! Happy Birthday! I just had my 50th this year too!!! :D Hope you have an awesome day! I'm working on a new cq page, will have to post some pics. Marva

  31. What a fabulous & generous giveaway Pat! Wishing you a Very Happy 50th filled with much love and happiness!
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  32. Hi Sweet Girl! uuummmm let's see for breakfast cereal, tea and vitimans ~ and as always shared the left over milk in my bowel with Teddi and Jake ~ hehe!
    50 is great ~ no worries about that!
    Happy Birthday Month!

  33. I'll be turning the big (gulp) 50, too! In November. It's just a number...and kind of a cool one, at that!
    I'd love to be entered into your giveaway.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  34. Happy 50th birthday, and may it be filled with more lovely memories and stuff. Enjoy your blog and everything you create!

  35. Pat! What a beautiful milestone....
    Happy 50th birthday..
    I remember when I turned 50..... YES! I can remember that far back....VBG.... It was the very favorite time of my life. I wish you all wonderful happy happenings in the year ahead..Your prize for the give away is awesome, a real treasure whoever wins...

    Loads of Love

  36. I just found your beautiful blog! I have oatmeal for breakfast every day, pretty much with my 3 children. Tomorrow we're having it with homemade applesauce! I am excited about your giveaway! (:

  37. Congratulations!
    Greetings from Holland,


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