Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Catching up..so much to share!

It seems like I have been gone for months. So much to catch up on. Where shall I start? No, I haven't been on Farmville or Farmtown much,LOL Just a short visit here and there.

We are having beautiful weather.I spent the weekend caring for mom who has been ill for almost two weeks now. She is feeling better and just had to get out of the house so my brother brought her over this morning for a short visit and to see the class room progress. I still haven't ironed and carded all of the dyed silk ribbon yet. It is piled in a bin and on the table for when I have spare time,LOL...whatever that is....
I want a huge color variety, so I think one more dye day is needed.

Friday DH surprised me with this beautiful gift...

with eggs and all. He found it in a building at the golf course where he works. He said the bird must have laid the eggs earlier then the area was sealed off so she couldn't hatch them. How sad. He opened the building and there it was. One egg had a tiny hole and was dehydrated. The others feel heavy and will have to be tossed. I learned my lesson from keeping a whole bird egg in its nest...it exploded one evening in my front room and smelled absolutely horrid.
I thought it was pretty neat since I have been making those little bird nest pendants with three eggs, which I hope to have all mailed soon. Speaking of those little nests, here is the tiny one I made for adding to a CQ project.

If I find time, I would like to add one to each student kit for the Oct 3 and 10th class because so far they all like birds.

I browsed blog land for a moment on Sunday and discovered my friend Terri's sewing space here. You all should share your creative spaces. It's fun to share ideas and discover new. Terri's space looks so inviting.

After visiting mom, I ran to the Junk Shop on Friday afternoon but didn't find a thing until I wandered outside through the old sandy paths overgrown with weeds. I was expecting a snake to crawl out at any time. I had my cell phone ready to call the paramedics..by the way, I don't care a whole lot for cell phones. I'm sure I will get used to them, but already it is an added bother to my life. DH doesn't like his either. DS...well, his is his lifeline. Go figure! I found a magazine unit for a peg board which was perfect for offering books and kits in the class room. It was only $3 too! I ordered a few more of my books and they arrived Friday too. Good timing.

On the way home I stopped at a yard sale near my home. I was delighted to find some old button cards. I love the images on the cards as much as the buttons.

I also found these two old bird prints. I will change out the frames later. I just had to hang them immediately.

 I received a surprise package in the mail Saturday from my sweet friend Elizabeth. She found some cute little butter dishes and small floral plates and thought of my class room. They immediately went on a shelf and I filled them with goodies for students to play with. I took a picture but can't seem to find it at the moment, so I will post that soon. Thank you so much for thinking of me Elizabeth, that was very nice of you :-)

This morning my dear friend and neighbor, Karen stopped by. She had offered me some neat ice cream parlor chairs for the class room . I was in the studio making class kits when I heard a door close and ran downstairs to find her with so many surprises that I felt like Christmas arrived early. We went in the class room and she handed me these gorgeous trims from her trip to WA. I felt like fainting they are so beautiful.

The she gave me a lavender and herb gift pamphlet with recipes from a place in WA. Yum!
Next she handed me a big tub of fresh grown red raspberries..oh my goodness how I love them!
Her harvest is in  and she shared with me. Karen, thanks for making my day. Plus....for the thumbs up on the class room. That means a lot!!!
You know what I'm having for desert tonight????
Speaking of food, my brother also harvested some goodies and delivered this morning fresh sweet corn,tomatoes, basil,and his home made fresh mozzarella. So.....I made Bruschetta!

 Here is what I did....
slice a french baguette and drizzle with olive oil. Toast under broiler until browned. Rub cut garlic across surface of each slice.

Mix fresh basil, diced tomato, diced garlic,and a bit of olive oil together.

You can add salt if you like, I don't because I like the natural flavors. Pile some tomato mixture on each slice. Top with a slice of fresh mozzarella.

You can find it in the deli section of your grocery store, unless your brother makes it too! You can drizzle more olive oil or not, then slide under broiler to melt cheese. Fresh and tasty!

 I had better get back to making class kits. I am gathering goodies and then I will cut the fabrics and assemble each kit according to student preferences. I find if you have colors and themes you enjoy working with, the learning process is much more enjoyable.Here are a few in the works.
Purple and green........
 Orange and yellow......

Blue and yellow.......

 Rust and blue.
I'm exhausted now, too much info at once...sorry! Have a great evening.


  1. What a phenomenal day you had. Yur dyed ribbons are lovely. do you sell them? If so, please send me an email listing their size and price. Sea Witch

  2. I do hope your Mom is feeling better. Oh my how I love what you are doing for your classroom and the kits you are putting together. Just remember to breathe sometime in your busy day. :o) Your neighbor is very generous and thoughtful of you and your art.

  3. Your classes are going to be so great. You have really put your heart into it. Hope your mom is better. Please wish her well from me. Sharon

  4. Pat I can't wait for class! And this post is making it even more exciting than it already is! I feel like I'm getting ready to wake up Christmas morning!

  5. Lucky lucky students, to have such inspiring surroundings as well as the gorgeous kits to choose from. If only I lived nearby ! I'll just have to make do with your blog posts, Pat.
    Christine in sunny Sydney Australia.

  6. Those trims are gorgeous! The kits look incredible, I hope you'll post some photos of your students' work :)

  7. Pat, what can I say you always facinate me and i love to look at your blogs and websites always... A friend of mine and I would love to come to your classes sometime.. they all sound wonderful and it is about time, you are an awesome teacher. YOur work is top of line.
    I just finished a crazy patch block for a trade. It was done in all pinks. You have a great day....Your NC friend Lisa

  8. Dear Pat..
    I missed you!!I was hoping you were OK. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm always thrilled when you stop by.
    Sounds like you were so busy. I do hope your Mom is feeling better by now.. Nice you are near by to care for her.
    Your class room is just blooming like a new rose... You are going to have such a good time with your students....wish I was one of them...sigh!
    Oh well I will just have to trudge along by myself and have your blog for inspiration....
    I Love the tiny bird's nest.... how sweet it will look on a CQ project. I tried making one too, but I made it into a pin. They are fun to make I can see where you are hooked on them.
    I have been working on a journal cover.. I got ahead of myself and put a lining in before I quite finished my stitching...EEK. Oh well.... c'est la vie.
    Thanks for the update,and to know you are Ok...
    I can rest now!!!!

  9. Hi Pat,
    I hope your mom gets better soon. Two weeks is a long time to be sick :(
    What a sweet nest with eggs but so sad mama bird couldn't hatch her babies.
    The trims are gorgeous...and I love your little bird nests!

  10. You are really outdoing even yourself!! i too, am so glad to see a post from you, was worrried!! Having your Mom be sick for so long must have been very hard- so glad that she is feeling better and that she has you and your brother close.
    I am drooling over the brushetta and the raspberies- If I had a bucket like that they would have been long gone by dinner!!!
    Your dyed ribbons are amazing and the way that you have it all set up is delightful!!!
    Can't wait to see classroom studio shots!!
    youa re so welcome for the little plates- I love surprising appreciative friends!! i adore those button cards theya re very ahrd to finsd around here and when you do the prcie is 10.00 per card- unless you find someone who considers them junk!!!
    Have a wonderful day and don't exhaust yourself before the classes start!!!!

  11. Wow....you've been very busy and very blessed....nothing better!!
    Thanks for sharing it all! Your blog is always a pleasure to read!

  12. What an absolute inspiration you are - your writings, your colours, food - everything about this blog I just love.

    Love your dyed ribbons etc - they look gorgeous. I so wish that I live where you do - I would love to attend a class

  13. Such lovely projects from your classroom!! Wish I could attend! Little too far away! This post also made me hungry! Those raspberries are wonderful!

  14. I cant wait until our class!!! Your choices of colors,fabrics,pictures,beads,everything is fabulous!!!! I agree with Laurie it's like waiting for christmas! Have a great week!

  15. Hi Sweet Girl,
    Well first let me tell you I finally gave in and joined Farmville. OH DEAR ~ I don't know what I'm doing so if you get something weird from me ~you'll know why!I tried sending you a cow but then wondered if that's a good or bad thing??
    The bread looks absolutly awesome!
    I agree ~ no salt needed!!
    Now sweet girl ~ for your birthday month ~ since it's such a special one ~ you must remember to plan several special days for yourself. It's a requirement for such a special birthday!!!
    I can't believe you found my sewing room ~ I completely forgot about that!
    Everything is coming along so nice for the classroom! I am so excited for you!
    Please give your Mom my best wishes ~ I'm SOO glad she's feeling better!
    Sending lots of hugs from Ct!


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