Wednesday, September 30, 2009

50 is GRAND! What a day!

I truly thought this birthday would be like all the others. Nothing extraordinary, just kind thoughts and special treasures keeping things simple, no fuss, the way I prefer. I honestly don't care about turning 50, I am just happy to get the opportunity to do so. I don't know what I thought 50 would feel like. I heard stories ,both good and bad. Since I have never felt my age, I wasn't worried about feeling older, tired, grouchy, or any of the things I heard to expect "through the grapevine". However, today was very different than the others. It was spectacular! I awoke around 5:00 full of energy. I leaped from bed, realized I had over slept and missed DH leaving for work, felt bad for only a moment,;-) and ran a bubble bath while taking Angell out and making a cup of vanilla coffee. I soaked and read the new issue of Romantic Country Bedrooms as I redecorated my own bedroom in my head. Hey, dreams are free!

First, thank you all for the Birthday wishes emailed, cards sent, well wishes blogged and on face book.

So where do I start...a surprise tea party for my 50th.................

A couple days ago I received a box from my dear friend Terri . It was filled with a beautiful pair of earrings and a special invitation to a tea party! That's right! A Cyberspace tea party in honor of my 50th birthday to be held today. Terri invited a few blogging friends of mine and my mom to a Victorian tea offered by Victorian Trading Co. I have never attended a tea in my honor and was very excited to "play" along. This is why I was filled with excitement this morning. Mom was arriving at 9:00 to make her peach squares for me. She wanted to bring a chocolate cake but her peach squares are what I requested.

When Mom arrived  we started cooking. She made the desert while I prepared sandwiches and tea. It was fun having mom in the kitchen. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves. As you can see, mom was pretty serious about adding the lattice crust.

With the squares in the oven, we sat down to tea.( Please don't look at my elbows on the table) My Aunt Sylvia would certainly reprimand on me for that one. We had a nice chat as mom reminded me she had to go to the hospital twice for me...well, what can I say? I was shy!

DS took a few photos for me but quickly went on his way so he would not be "stuck" with us,LOL.
We enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, pecan chicken salad on wheat, strawberry cream cheese on raisin bread and grapes with our tea. Oh yes! Terri treated us to not one but two shades of purple M&M's! There was a large bag but somehow they could not be found ;-0.
Terri made each of the guests a beautiful personalized shabby chic tea mug cozy and a charming box filled with treats including a porcelain rose name card holder.
What tea would be complete without a fairy? Isn't she sweet? The gorgeous rose candle holder was from Freda who was a guest as well.....only in cyberspace.

You would think I would tiptoe off  for a nap after quite a busy morning but no,....I had more tea parties to attend. Won't you join me?

Earlier this morning as I slept in, Freda poured an Irish Breakfast Tea in my honor.

It was presented on a white wicker bed tray with a" no calorie" cinnamon pecan muffin. Oh my was that delish! I stirred my tea with a Prince Charles spoon and helped myself to sugar with a Lady Diana spoon from England. I did feel like royalty after all.

 Freda put several of my favorite magazines  under the tray for my reading pleasure which I took advantage of and so enjoyed! The soft light of the reading lamp washed each page just enough to allow me to dream as I browsed the pages of English Country Homes, Victoria,and Romantic Homes.

A girl could get used to this you know?

I graciously thanked Freda and continued to my next tea to Sharon's for a Teddy Bear Tea! You must visit her blog to see the fun we had.

Sharon tried to keep it a secret from the bears however I am so happy they found out and joined in. I had such fun laughing and eating even more purple M&M's as I enjoyed every last drop of tea.

 Thanking and giving a big hug to Sharon, I had to run off to catch a flight to Hawaii where Lilla hosted yet another tea  in my honor.By the time I arrived, I truly was ready for more tea as the flight was long but well worth it. Lilla greeted me with  a lei and this beautiful setting. I sipped and admired the embroidered Tea cloth as we chatted about all things blissful.

After tea I bid farewell which was so hard to do. Leaving Hawaii was almost as hard as saying goodbye to Lilla. Aloha!

I have yet another party to attend and I will share it when I do. Thank you Terri for hosting such a lovely tea. One that will not be forgotten. Thank you ladies for treating me to the most special birthday I have ever or will ever experience. You have made fond memories and hold a special place in my heart ....always.

When I arrived home, exhausted yet still flying high on the days festivities and special friends,I found a few packages at my door. Shall we see what surprises await?
It seems my dear friend Leslie from St. Joe has filled a box with laces, Birthday chocolates, charms,trims,and a vintage set of wall plaques. Oh what fun I will have making purses, hanging the wall decor,eating chocolate and embellishing crazy quilt projects. Thank you Leslie, your visit last week was a gift in itself however I love everything you sent.:-) Yes, I will make a pillow form :-)

Oh my! Lilla has sent something as well.Funny, she didn't say a thing while I was visiting. Hmmmmm. What a beautiful tag! The woman has an imagination like no other.

Oh my! Just look at that real purple feather in her hat! The silk ribbon embroidery and beading are such delicate details.

 Ooops! The ribbons are hiding the beautiful hand painted roses on this porcelain piece.

 What a treasure. Lace everywhere, hand made from Lilla. WOW!

This is so beautiful Lilla. Thank you very much. The tea party was more than enough. Now your just spoiling me.

Next package is from my new found friend from the UK, Lottie. Isn't this a lovely key tag? Embroidered!!!!

 How unique is that.
Lottie also made me a beautiful booklet with a collage of lace, a sweet image of a girl and her dog and very interesting use of beads.

 This is wonderful , thank you so much Lottie. I will use this for something special...perhaps my secrets!

Well, this post is getting way too long so I will wrap it up for now and continue later. Besides, I need to spend some time with my guys. Have a wonderful evening, and tomorrow I will announce the winner of my birthday drawing. Good luck!


  1. What a wonderfull day you had. Nice way to bring in another year.
    Your mothers desert looked yummy.
    Happy birthday again--Leslie




  3. Sounds like you had a pretty special day, Pat. Just remember, as my kids keep saying, 50 is the new 40! Birthday Hugs.

  4. Sounds like THE perfect birthday party with no cleanup afterwards! Happy birthday!

  5. Oh Pat ~ that was so sweet. I am SO happy you had a great day.
    We all love you so much.
    For your kind gestures,sharing your talent and all the wonderful work with the Comfort Dolls ~ we all appreciate you and are thankful for the gift of YOU!
    It was such fun seeing your Mom baking too ~ wow ~ she's a pro!

  6. Well that was quite fun following you on a birthday blog party. Came by way of the bear party. What lovely gifts from your sweet friends.
    What a sweet mum too ;-)
    Happy 50th! Keep on dreamin'....

  7. Pat,
    Here I stopped buy to thank you for the wonderful think pink charm and low and behold there is a party going on! I didn't come dressed but I would like to sing...
    Happpppy Birthdayyyy toooo youuuuu.
    Happppppy Birthdayyyy toooo youuuu.
    Haaapppyyyy Birrrrthdaaaaaayyy,
    Dear Paaatttttt,
    Haaaappppyyy Birrrrthday toooo YOUUUU!
    Hats off to all of us who turn 50 this year! (me too in Dec!)

  8. It was definitely worth turning 50!!! Happy birthday.

  9. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day. What a wonderful idea for a cyber tea party and lunch. Fabulous - and I got to see your friends homes (sorry I know I wasn't invited but couldn't resist the 'Through the keyhole' moments.

    What wonderful photos of your mum and your self too - what a day to treasure and remember!

    And I got to visit your friends blogs too - so perfect all round!

  10. Happy Birthday Dear Girl!! Welcome to 50!!

    i am so glad that you ahd such a wonderful day!! Terri was truely inspired to set up that Tea party progressive, cyber space style!!!!
    I must tell yout hat the picture of Your dear mom sitting having tea and looking out of the window with the natural light, is a stunner!! She is so BEAUTIFUL and that is a beautiful picture- DS did very well with his photography!!!
    Your gift from L:illa is glorious- her work and attention to detail is amazing!!!
    Happy Happy Birthday!
    Big Hugs!

  11. I'm not sure how I landed on your site but was enticed to read your post. BTW, Happy Birthday and welcome to the wonderful Club 50!

    I, too, have never felt or worried about my age. And that attitude has helped me along the way. But the biggest 'gift' (for reaching my wisdom years) came last night.

    I got dumped!

    Immediately, the wisdom of Spirit took hold and I told the gentleman: "You know, at our stage in life, we no longer slit our wrists over a relationship ending. C'est la vie (This is life.)"

    In that moment I felt peaceful, knowing that loving (with all of its ups and downs) is just a part of life. And the amazing adventure of life continues.

    Sure I'll eat a bunch of chocolate today to heal my wounds, but it will also be in celebration that with age comes wisdom (finally :-)

    Again, Happy Birthday!

    As my gift to you (and your readers), allow me to send you a free link to read my book. It's simply my way of giving back...

    take care,
    Louise Lewis, author
    No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

  12. Belated Happy Birthday!! I am so glad that you had an excellant day!! You are so special and deserved to have a great day!! Happy Birthday!

  13. Hi Pat!
    Belated Happy BD wishes to you!
    You had such fun ...I'm jealous!
    But ... had a great BD myself so shouldn't be!

    Our BDs are back-to-back ... mine is Oct. 1st! No wonder we're such kindred spirits!

    Love & Hugs ... Marie

  14. Pat, I would like to wish you a Happy Belated 50th birthday from the bottom of my heart!
    I thought of you all day and cursed my Internet provider since I couldn't get on line and wish you a
    Happy Birthday!...I hate being late...but it really wasn't my fault!

    In German we say "Everything good for your birthday" and in Polish we "wish you a 100 years" ...pick which one you would prefer? :-)
    ( I am hoping to go for the 100 years!)

  15. Pat, I am sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Belated 50th birthday. I am so glad you had such a special day.

  16. Happy belated birthday Pat.
    Everything you got looks great :)
    All my best wishes for the second half of your life!


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