Saturday, August 01, 2009

Where do I find inspiration you ask?????????? Teaser for a friend

I've been asked many times where I find my inspiration for my projects and thought this would be a perfect example.
I find inspiration in my dreams........a color.....a texture........a magazine...........a blog..........a image......and from friends who share, just to name a few.

As you know I keep about half a dozen projects going at any given time. This is just how I work...always something ahead of me. I don't know why I keep this pressure on myself, but it will never change, so I have accepted it and just go with the flow. I have about 5 friendship projects I am working on not including several puzzle pieces and an order for a wall hanging.Sounds like a lot, but when you work a little here then switch to another color and theme, it seems fresh and keeps me interested.

I am currently finishing a lot of projects and demands on my time so I feel free to start a special project (or two) that has been swimming around my head ever since the day I received a special package from a sweet friend.

This package happened to include many of my favorite things, one being an altered vintage photo. A fairy altered photo of Leslie's mom, Francine to be exact. It is adorable as you will see,and I can see beautiful Leslie in her mother's features so I thought I would play with this image to create something fun for Leslie since she is a fun kind of gal. Leslie is also about the size of a tiny fairy, so this was meant to be I think.

I start with a photo.............

then I crop it in photoshop and make a fabric copy..........
then select the fabrics................(I bought these last year at the International Quilt Fest in IL because they were beautiful muted hand dyed cottons. I knew I would find a place for them).

Then I gather embellishments I would like to use and play! I will use some of Leslie's grandmother silk threads and some beautiful small aged pearls in this project along with some of my favorite things I have collected and have been given.

Then............whoops! Sorry, I can't reveal the final project until this is delivered to Leslie which will be soon. We will meet in St. Joe within the next two weeks, perhaps for a malt????

I promise to share when the deed is done. :-) oooh! Now I want a malt! Drats!


  1. Thanks for sharing your design process. I love to hear how everyone manages their projects and inspirations. Don't think there are two of us who do it the same way!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Finding

  2. are so talented my friend. So generous of you to share your designing process. I know it takes time and so many of us out there truly appreciate your tips and guidelines.

    You are so gifted. God has certainly blessed your hands. I love to visit! I promise I'll be back!

    Hugs, Rebecca

  3. Oh how did you know I really wanted to hear how you begin a project?!! Yes, you always seem to have so much in the works and you do get them done. Pat you are an inspiration, an artist and a wonderful person I personally enjoy following in blogland. Thank you so very much.

  4. GORGEOUS Pat!!!! YOU are inspiring sweet girl.....xxoo, Dawn

  5. Wow your embellishments are a perfect match. i love the colors of the fabric too. i look forward to seeing the end results. It is a fantastic start!

  6. Pat you have a way with colors. I can't wait to see the finished gift. Go have that malt you deserve it. Go on now, I know you want to. Sharon

  7. The gathering up process is my favorite because I get to go through my stash and fondle everything several times... finding things I've saved and things I've forgotten. Hmmmmmmm I see you have some GREAT stuff gathered for this project.. will be fun to watch!!! Gerry K.


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