Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where do I begin to share the beautiful day I had?

I really don't know where to begin. I spent a fabulous sun filled day in St. Joe Michigan with a sweet friend. Leslie and DH went to school together. I met her many years ago and as life does, we took different paths, but look where they led. She has a sunny personality and offers interesting conversation, not to mention, she has the most beautiful hair! I think I felt it a few times without thinking...the cosmetologist coming out in me. (sorry Leslie)

I arrived a tiny bit early because traffic wasn't bad, so I slipped into an antique shop to browse. Then the bead shop opened and I looked around gathering my selections. They didn't have hanks of seed beads so I bought the little tubes which are the right size for a crazy quilter however they were more expensive than a hank????? Not complaining, I didn't have most of these beads. I just prefer hanks so I can share. The second vial is a pretty white lined green bead...really pretty in person and a larger size than my usual 11's.

Just before Leslie arrived I was talking to a woman about volunteering to teach crazy quilting to a group of girls ages 18 though 20 who are troubled young women in search of themselves and something positive. I know how much fun the girls I introduced CQ to through the years had and thought it was something I could give. The woman was very excited about the concept and I gave her my card. Again, something meant to be along life's journey. CQ...sharing! Goes hand in hand I think!

So, Leslie arrived and we darted in a neat book store, then a few other shops before settling down at a stir fry restaurant that cooks the food selection you gather. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed myself totally. I love to try new places and will be taking mom there next trip.
We saw some really unique cute clothes, a few Yorkie puppies for sale, and grabbed a treat at the fudge shop.

I then gave Leslie her purse. She liked it, I was relieved. Leslie surprised me with two very special gifts. A bag of blue(dad) mermaids tears she had collected along the Lake Michigan shore near her home, and a beautiful Lamp work pendant that she made. She called it caramel and cream....or caramel and marshmallows? Oh dear I can't remember, all I know is the name made me want something sweet,LOL. Sorry Leslie, my mind is fading.....?????? It is beautiful and I love it. Thank you so much Leslie!!!
This is the little pixie Leslie. She blends right in her lakeside environment. Before we parted, Leslie suggested we walk to the pier. You don't have to ask me twice! Although I was overdressed in jeans , it was relaxing, the sun was shining, people were enjoying the lovely day, and at the end of the pier was a gentle cool breeze to reward us for getting in a little walk. I enjoyed every minute. A beautiful day and memory.

Next trip we go for a beach walk!!!!!!!

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  1. Now that sounds like a day made in heaven. Sharon


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