Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a Saturday I've had!

I wasn't going to turn on the laptop this morning and go straight to the rental to paint however my finger just accidentally hit the button. Whoops! I'm very glad it did otherwise I would have missed the huge flea market at the LaPorte fairgrounds. Lelia blogged about it last month and I thought I wrote it on my calendar. I checked a few blogs and low and behold there was a post on Lelia's blog announcing this was the big day. I ran in the bathroom and ran a brush through my hair, jumped out of my painting jeans and into my regular ones, left on my big white work shirt and tossed on a long jacket, good thing it was chilly otherwise I would have wasted another minute changing shirts instead of covering the big one up :-) I ran down stairs and grabbed a bottle of water and an energy bar, kissed DH goodbye and told him my plans as I was exiting the back door.  I couldn't miss this one. I passed a few cars on the way, heavens, it started at 7:00 and it was already 7:45.
The place was busy but not packed....sensible people were still in their jammies having coffee. The first building  I went into , in the first booth was a big box of hankies for $1. Even if I couldn't use them, I know someone could. Then I found this.....

 and a box of floss for students to practice stitches. The next building I found Lelia who greeted me with a big smile and showed me to the threads :-) I found a treasure trove of  nice threads for the class room, which is where the box is otherwise I would have photographed it .

The next building offered these pretty things which I didn't need, but they begged to come home with me. The guy said if I bought the vase for $3 I could have the little creamer free. He really didn't need to bribe me, but oh well!
After stopping at one other yard sale on the way home, I reluctantly changed into my grubs for a day of painting. I picked up lunch on the way for DH who was already there installing new doors. After five hours I headed home with messy hands. I can't understand how I get paint all over my hands every time. I'm not a messy painter?????
I decided to stop at mom's to say hi first since her phone has been out for two days. I called to report it and they said it wasn't on their end. Excuse me??? Go out there and see what the problem is anyway. Was mom supposed to climb a telephone pole and check it out herself? My goodness. I called my brother and he said he reported it also and they said it was the lines, and they would send someone out.  That's all I asked for. A friend who works for the phone company said they are trying to get everyone switched over to cell phones because the lines cost too much for upkeep. They don't replace batteries at the control boxes so people get static and hopefully are aggravated enough to drop the service. Now that is frustrating to hear. Forcing you to go wireless?I don't have a cell because I don't feel the need for someone to have to contact me 24/7. I am just not that important. Besides, I can't even turn them on,LOL. I know the day is coming, DH has mentioned it a few times because his mom and mine need us more these days. I do know I would not get an iPhone because I would be blogging while shopping, driving, at the Dr. etc,LOL. If not blogging, taking pictures of flowers, bugs, deer...... you get the picture. If I have the technology I'm gonna use it!
Ok, back to my day even after all the fun this morning , there was something waiting for me on the counter. I was floored when I opened it. One of the blogs I hopped on this morning was my friend Sharon Chapman's. I saw a pretty CQ heart she was making for a friend and happened to take a moment to comment on it. Well, I was flabbergasted to find myself viewing it in front of me later.
I teared up when I saw the little photo of Angell.
I never dreamt the heart was for me. Sharon is always making beautiful gifts for friends and I am always happy to view them and know the love she shares.
Just look at the perfect little nest.....
and the SRE flowers. 
She placed Angell in the center of my heart and garden where dragonflies dwell...just where she belongs. Thank you so much for this beautiful surprise. You are a sneaky gal. I dearly love your gift and so does Angell. I let her sniff it and her ears perked up,LOL. It smells heavenly.
I received an email from another dear friend, Terri this evening.  She was thanking me for some goodies and sharing her thoughts and feelings about receiving hand made gifts, and it made me happy to know I wasn't the only one who actually felt the love while holding a handmade item. 
I am off to clean up and land for the night. After tomorrow, hopefully the last painting day, I have some emails to catch up on and projects to finish. Have a great evening.


  1. What a day! :) But a nice one!:)

  2. What pretty things you have found this weekend. Enjoyed the pic of your paint spotted hands...mine also had that look this weekend as I took on a second antique booth at a new location. Had to paint before I could fill. Have a fun rest of the weekend. Sea Witch

  3. What great finds my friend. Lovin' them all!

    Your painted hands look JUST LIKE MINE!


  4. Glad you had a lovely day on Saturday Pat.Thanks for the great comments on my BLOG. I am just so excited by up-coming projects. Until next time...

  5. You ARE too important enough for a cell phone. I no longer have a land line because I do want my daughter to reach me 24/7, after all, she might see a really cool lizard or a funny frog, or have a flat tire and need to talk to me while she waits for AAA (unless she changes it herself which she can do :o). Actually, hereabouts, it is cheaper to have a cell. The key is not to give it to anyone you really don't want to have it..argh! Anyway, you would be whipping me if you knew I had a cell phone AND a Blackberry. But there is a method to my madness.. it is to keep my work and personal calls separate. And I have no desire to do my facebook and all on the phone. Dunno why.. desire is just not there... probably the little screen, tiny keys and my old lady eyes..LOL! I do enjoy your post. Hey, that one little vase looks like Majolica. Very pretty. I think I wrote too much.. hehe!

  6. Love your beautiful gift. Wish I could have been with you at the flea market. Love the roses.

  7. Glad you liked it friend! Sharon
    PS Get a cell phone if for nothing more than emergencies...

  8. The sale sounds fun!!! And the pillow is to die for!!! That is so awesome!!! Lucky you! Marva


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