Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update on Angell and another fun surprise

First I want to thank all of you who emailed with your concerns and well wishes for Angell. Our pets are so part of our family as you know, and I appreciate your caring thoughts.

I did get Angell to the Vet yesterday at 11:00. He didn't seem to be alarmed but gave her a shot and some pills to make her more comfortable and clear up any infection if starting. I did get the pills Lelia suggested (Thanks Lelia) I can't start them for two weeks because of her shot, but I know she will be feeling much better when I do. It stinks getting old.

As I was sitting in the waiting room, an older couple with a shitzu was admiring Angell and was telling me how they once had two long hair Chihuahua's which they had to put to sleep becuse they were tired of having to carry them out to potty and back in again.
~ Just a helpful note here~unless asked, when you are sitting in a doctors office of any kind, and you see someone with a child or animal, do not share your bad experiences with them. It is not the place, and not helpful at all, just very unnecessary.
I once knew someone who kept their dogs until they were a "bother" and then down they went. I don't think people like that should be allowed to have pets. I know it is humane to euthanize an animal when it is dying or in pain, but just to accommodate your life....well....I'm thinking really bad words here...excuse me.

On a brighter note, I received a nice purple surprise yesterday from my friend Marjorie in IL. Here I have a package to mail her for a belated birthday and she sends me a surprise! Great minds????? Marjorie made the smaller flower when she thought of me after discovering the larger flower tucked inside a ball of thread. How sweet and thoughtful was that?
These two will work their way into my purple project for myself...Thank you so much Marjorie!!!

Off to finish another puzzle piece....I am terrible aren't I?


  1. Our Fritz has a disc problem that makes his back legs unusable. He uses a wheeled cart and still a happy, vital part of our family... but some rude people actually ask why we just don't "put him down"

    Here's a pic on this page of Fritz with his wheels
    Does he look like a dog ready to go.... NO! It's hard for me to be civil to people like that.... Love the pictures of your Angell on your bed... Gerry K.

  2. Yay! Angell will be ok. Can you see Teddy and me doing a happy dance. Great news! Love the purple posies. Sharon and Teddy

  3. Hope your darling Angell will be just fine as the medicine starts to do it's magic! :)

  4. I'm so relieved. You are the 2nd blog friend who's little pup was under the weather this week.
    I know hot weather and mildew/mold effects Teddi's trachea.
    SO thankful she's better!

  5. Well, isn't Marjorie the sweetest peach???

    I hope the pills help. They helped our oldest dog, Bea, and as long as I give them to her early in the morning

    Different people have different thoughts on animals and pets. I just don't understand sometimes


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