Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for a small giveaway............

The little wire nests with robin eggs (blue pearls) were so popular I thought I would offer one for a giveaway. Because you must post to enter this giveaway is for those with a blog.

I bought some brown wire and whipped this one up this morning. This one has a distressed copper charm that reads,"sprout", and has a 36" vintage seam binding to wear as a necklace. It will arrive on a beautiful card from a digital download inside a sealed cello sleeve. I won't write on the card just in case you want to give this as a gift.

To enter,just mention the giveaway on your blog linked to this post and send me the link to your post where you mentioned the giveaway.

When I see your post, I will add your name to the hat and next Saturday I will use the random thingy and announce the winner. You may use the photo(s) of nests if you like. Good luck!


  1. Hi Dear Pat,
    Who wouldn't love a chance to win this beautiful charm!
    A link in posted on my blog.
    LOL :)

  2. Someone is going to be such a lucky winner. I blogged about it on my blog.

  3. Would love to win this beautiful bird nest/sprout charm necklace. Posted on my blog:

    BTW: Happy to hear your "furkid" is doing better.

  4. I want to win your beautiful little nest. I love them, so delicate and pretty. They make me happy to see. The giveaway is posted on my blog too.

  5. I COVET that nest! It is charming. I have posted about your generous giveaway on my blog!!

    I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and truly love it.

  6. I love the nest and would love it for my own!It is "Charming"
    Thanks Pat,
    I will put the link on my blog.

  7. My dear girl I have linked you. But I want to win!!!LOL Who would blame me. Sharon

  8. How lovely this "lucky charm" is and YES! I hope to win. I missed buying when you offered a sale. Thank you for being so generous.
    is where I posted your photos and your offer.

  9. Anonymous2:21 AM CDT

    I have no blog, but for me it does not matter. I loved your bead with words inside, I like your nest charm. I like all around the idea of wings.........
    Thanks for the beauty shared

  10. Pat - what a wonderful picture and awesome pendant! I would love to win it, I have posted your photo and info about your blog and giveaway on my blog:

    I'm off to see more of your fabulous work! Marva

  11. Pat,
    This nest is to die for!! You know I love your work and this is super!! Funny that I bought bird buttons, nests and eggs on clearance at JoAnn's yesterday and posted about it just before I found your update!! LOL
    I also added a link on my blog to your give away!! Hope I win!

  12. This is absolutely wonderful, and if you have ever visited me, you know i am the bird nest lady!

    Please enter my name, (and may the best bird nest maker win!) =0))

    Just kidding!! Who ever wins will be blessed to have such a beautiful necklace.

    Barbara jean

  13. This birds nest is absolutely darling! Since I teach first graders, they would be so fascinated by this. I would love to win it and would proudly display it!! Thank you, Faye

  14. These are so adorable!!! Here is the link to my post.

  15. Lovely little birds nest, and a fun way to promote your blog too. Great idea!
    Here's my link:

  16. I love that little birds nest, and would love to own it!
    Need to do some updating at my blog so will use this as a reason!

  17. Your birdnests are so cute, Pat. I always enjoy seeing what you're doing and would love to have one to study up close!

  18. Please enter me.


  19. I do not have a blog, but just wanted to tell you hat the bird's nests are absolutely beautiful! Have a great day!

  20. I love those birds nests, and mentioned it on my blog this morning.

  21. What a lovely birds nest. Please enter me. I have posted your giveaway on my blog.

    Irma :)

  22. Omigosh! How did I miss seeing this??? Must've been that day I was cleaning and painting. :-( But I'm NOT too late! :-) I think these are adorable. And you sure are making me want to take a class, any class! LOL!

  23. I would love to win this special little pendant. I have linked your giveaway on my blog. May I also use your picture to entice more to visit your blog?

  24. Hi, I'm glad I found your blog, as I really enjoy it. Love the pendant and have posted your give away on my blog thanks...Yvonne

  25. what a beautiful piece of jewellry... please enter me..

  26. As a birdwatcher and lover of the arts, I just adore your nest creations and would love to win one of those beauties. My blog that mentions your site: I've had my gmail and blog account, but never got started--you inspired me!

    I received your blog link from Gerry Kreuger and her Olderrose blog. Gerry both inspired and helped me start my first crazy quilt block, and the more I see what you all are doing, the more I love it and want to get going on it!

  27. Hi Pat, I just love your little nests, I'm a bird fancier from way back. I've posted on my personal blog at
    about your site and the givewaway.
    I hope I'm lucky in the draw, thanks for the opportunity to own one of your wonderful creations.
    Christine in Sydney Australia

  28. Oh what a pretty nest necklace you have made. I will be posting this on my blog also. Keeping fingers crossed.

  29. Hi Pat, I have added your giveaway to my blog with a pic of your little nest.

  30. Hi Pat,
    I just posted your giveaway on my blog.

    The birdie nest is super adorable...hope I win...crossing my fingers & toes!

  31. Hi Pat,
    this is absolutely charming, it is just so pretty, and so right for spring!

  32. Hi Pat:

    I love your enchanting robin's nest!!! And, yes, I finally put a blog together!!!! No one is more surprised than me!! LOL!!

  33. Hi Dear Pat,
    I would love a chance to win your beautiful charm! I admire ALL your work.
    Just in case my name is drawn, here is my blog address:

  34. Mmmmmmmm..........I already have a lovely spot all picked out! I'd LOVE to win.

    Please throw me in the hat. I've added you to my giveaway links...


  35. I'd love to win your nest! It's lovely.


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