Monday, August 03, 2009

Surprises and fun at the fair!

All day Sunday I felt like a girl anticipating her night at the fair. Mom was a bit tired so we skipped the beach and lunch and decided to reserve her energy and do dinner and the fair instead. That was fine because it was a perfect day to swing and stitch on the porch.

As we walked into the exhibit hall we immediately saw a purse I had entered with a exciting! The Hollyhock purse won a ribbon.Then I saw the bangle bracelet..made from purchased wooden bangle. then the "Sea Whispers"...made from recycled sheer and Lame' fabrics.
Then I saw items by my bud Lelia.......remember the adorable Inner Child doll she created? Lelia and Karol do beautiful drawn thread work, and work on linen. I wish you could see the detail in person. They are perfectionists, which really show in their work.
Here are pics of a few of their beauties.... I'm sure I missed some because we were all over the place.
Punch needle scissor fob by Lelia.....
This is Lelia's wall hanging all hand pieced and hand quilted. My kind of gal! Talk about perfect corners!!!!!
Pulled thread by Karol..........
Red work on pink Cross stitch by Karol...
This unbelievable piece has various work involved. Wow!Lelia was excited as she led us over to the big reveal..."Life Within A Garden" won best of show!!! It looked so pretty under lights and the first thing I saw was that big pretty purple ribbon. did they know,LOLI have to honestly say, winning a ribbon at my local county fair was more exciting than winning in any big contest. It truly was fun entering and actually winning a ribbon..or two..or... I made up for my childhood 4-H attempts.(Thank you Lelia) When mom saw the big purple ribbon it brought tears to her eyes. She almost made me cry knowing how proud she was seeing it, and on that particular day.Hey dad, I finally won that ribbon at the fair!

We were leaving the building and felt eyes upon us....turned around, and whoa...I guess so! Isn't he cute? How do they keep their balance?

Before leaving the building Lelia said I need to forget my fears and try a deep fried Pepsi.....LOL. We did, and ....well..the doughnut part was good. :-) Then we decided on crab Rangoon instead of fried veggies and a bottle of water instead of pop and sat for a while. The smell of fired food filled me as if I were actually eating it. Hmmmmm....could it be if we just heated oil and smelled it, it would curb our hunger??? Perhaps carrying a small bottle of cooked oil would be the answer to shedding pounds???? Could I patent this????? Make millions, fly everyone reading this to Hawaii or Paris for a stash buy???? Or perhaps be thin forever ????? Ok...wake up Pat!!!!!

Sitting on a bench ,I was lost in thought(again) as I watched the young girls in their shorts and cowboy boots packing up their tackle from showing their horses. The wonderful memories I hold deep inside are still there. They just needed to be dusted off. I felt the connection I thought I had lost. It is wonderful living in a small community although it it rapidly growing. I never realized all the little things I had the privileged to experience as a child. Life goes too fast and we anticipate the next day when we really should enjoy the present moment. Perhaps this is why I enjoy my garden, housework,sewing,and simple life in general. It slows the pace, and allows small things to be noticed and absorbed.

On our way to the car to wait until the release of exhibit items, I saw this pretty purple gauze dress and thought it would be a cute cover up for the pool or beach I treated myself to it instead of cotton candy! I love how it's made at the hem. My gypsy dress!!!!!

When I went to gather my goods, I had forgotten Lelia said ribbons get cash prizes, and it happened that my winnings reimbursed me for the dress. How cool is that? I even got to say a quick hi to Karol on my way out. We were going to stay for fireworks with Lelia and her mom, but mom's leg was aching and I knew I had made her walk way too much as it was. It was a good day and mom had a smile all the way home.

Oh yeah, on the way home, I didn't fall asleep this time...I was driving!


  1. Wow! You did really well at the fair and had a wonderful time too. You have a right to be proud and I agree, it IS so much nicer to win a ribbon locally, because it seems to mean more.

  2. Congratulations on your ribbons, I told you your talent was awsome. Looks like a lot agree with me. Glad you and your mom had such a marvelous day.

  3. And I am so very glad you didn't fall asleep while you were driving....LOL Congratulations on all your ribbons.

    Gerry K.

  4. Pat,
    It is no surprise your work one all those ribbons. Your work is some of the prettiest I have ever seen. to have your mother over taken with emotion what a prize in it's self. Carol

  5. Congrats on your winnings! You and your friends do beautiful work!

  6. Congratulations! No surprise to me. I love the way your memories enriched your experience.

  7. Pat ~
    I'm SOOOO excited for you I can hardly contain myself!!!!
    I have a blue ribbon story for you I will share sometime on my blog but I can't even imagine ALL those ribbons AND the BEST of show!!!!
    I'm proud of ya girl but I know who's proudest ~ he's smilin' down on you right now I bet!!!!
    Lots of Love,

  8. Congratulations on "Best of Show" this CQ is truly wonderful and beautiful in it's purple glory!
    Reading this post brought tears to my eyes, and took me back in time to my own fair days. Maybe I'll have to enter the fair this year hmmmm.

  9. I am so happy for you Pat. You deserved every one of those ribbons. Oh that life in the garden is so beautiful. Congrats dear friend. Sharon

  10. Pat,
    That is wonderful that you won ribbons!!! You sure deserve them!! Glad you are feeling better

  11. Dear Pat,
    How wonderful for you to have won all those ribbons which is no surprise to me. Your work is gorgeous and you certainly deserved all the praise and celebration. CONGRATULATIONS!.....
    I love the fairs and especially the home section.I use to enter a lot of my miniature quilts ...and to see a ribbon on them is quite a heart-beating experience!
    Have a great6 day..

  12. First time visitor here...saw the link on Lelia's blog :)

    Congratulations on your ribbons!!!!


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