Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I urge all of you creative souls to submit your work to publications such as Sew Somerset, Belle Armoire, Somerset Home, etc because you never know how it will enlighten your life. I have received many emails from reader's who let me know how they enjoyed my work, and some have even requested special orders which I was more than happy to fill. I know how it is when you see something that speaks to you and you must inquire about it. (the CQ doll by Linda Feuse)

Anyway...I received an email from Dawn, a flight attendant who picked up an issue of Sew Somerset with my bangle bracelets in it and after reading the article discovered we are neighbors...we live 7 miles apart. How do I know? She invited me over yesterday for tea, and had the most wonderful time. Not to mention the best Chai tea! Yum!

Her lovely home is decorated in the 50's style, and it is beautiful." I love Lucy" is one of her displays, and we hit it off. Yes, a "Shabby Victorian" style gal and a "50's" gal . Water and oil DO mix, and they mix well. With her just flying in the previous night, I only intended on staying perhaps and hour but we lost track of time and I barely made it home before DH. Angell had her legs crossed and ran out the door to go potty,LOL. I could have stayed there all day talking.

Dawn's studio is in her cool basement(I am so jealous)and what a studio it is. She does everything! Her work stations are set up to just wander over and begin playing wherever her muse leads her. It is also 50's style. Red,black,and white with turquoise accents. You can't help but smile and feel the energy and creative juices flowing.

I had the pleasure of meeting her husband and he was a great as she was. Such inviting comfortable people, I forgot we were strangers,LOL. I think you will read more about her :-) Dawn has been hunting for a crazy quilter in the area for a few years, and well..here I am. Be careful what you wish for Dawn!

I think I talked the full 4 hours from excitement. I took several "show & tell" things with me so she could see the many variations of CQ. She had the same photo from a Victorian Papers magazine that I had cut out years ago. That was her inspiration to learn CQ, how funny was that.

Anyway, the moral of the story is....share what you do, submit your work, and you will not only be inspiring others and giving something of yourself, but you will receive the best gifts that nourish your soul and warm your heart.


  1. Pat, This is the most wonderful adventure! You and your new friend had the time of your lives and who knew that you'd meet in this unusual way! It's so true about reaching out...it makes all the difference in our lives. I'm thrilled for your fun-filled day and thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about it! Thanks so much for reaching out and for sharing!

  2. Goodmorning Pat,
    What a beautiful day you had... How exciting to meet someone through your work this way...
    I know exactly where you are coming from.... Reaching out brings rich rewards, and thanks for sharing the exciting day you had..

  3. How lucky you are... I keep searching for a CQ friend here in Spokane... Gerry K.

  4. Thank you for your encouragement. There is one of their publications that is asking for submissions for tatting by Dec of this year. I want to, but I'm hesitant. I supposed I should get over that and give it some serious thought.

  5. What a lovely experience! Finding new friends is always wonderful. Thanks for sharing and encouraging. Marjorie

  6. I believe our steps are directed by the Most High... What a JOY and treat for you to meet someone so close to your home. NOT A COINCIDENCE!

    A true blessing. Thanks for sharing everything in this Post...

    Love, Rebecca

  7. This is so absolutly (spelling???)true!
    There was just a big discussion about this very subject on the Crazyquilting Yahoo group.I will copy and paste my 2 cents from the discussion since I mentioned my fave C.Q artist ~you of course!
    "I am quiet usally but have to chime in on this one. I have been crazy quilting for about 8 years ~ my first teacher being Leslie Levinson ~ whom is such a wonderful teacher!
    I have had the honor of swapping with Willa years ago and meeting Betty at one of her amazing truck shows, exchanging a couple emails with Cindy and being totally inspired by the work of Pat Winter.
    Crazy Quilters are by far the most generous group I know.
    So eagar to share what they know and inspire us all to reach higher than we thought we could.
    Crazy Quilting by it's very nature ~ draws to it a unique kind of artist. Rules fly out the window ~ a spirited "right to be creative my own way" comes flying in.
    All of us need to feel free to be creative and eager to share our work with back straight and chest high!
    Study the work of the artist that inspire you the most ~
    Practice and be bold until you find your own uniqe place in this wonderful world of crazy quilting.
    Your love of the art will always fill in all the blanks."

  8. Well I'm Dawn and I am so incredibly blessed with my new "Crazy" Friend Pat! So sorry I didn't get to read your posts till now..flying all over and family get together this weekend..hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to get together again and I will bring some Chai! Life is always an amazment to me and love everyday I am given!!! See ya soon Pat!


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