Friday, August 14, 2009

Poor Angell baby

My little Angell spent the night with cough spasms. She could not control a series of short coughs which lasted for a few minutes, then stopped for a few, and continued on and off all through the night. I think she (we) fell asleep twice for an hour. I feel like a zombie, I'm sure she does too.

I got a burst of energy at 9:00 and watched Royal pains while on the exercise bike. I rode an hour and drank a bottle of water. Just before bed, what was I thinking? Then to be kept awake all night by my poor Angell coughing in my ear.
When I get home from running mom to the store, I must call the vet. It needs to be dealt with, and I also want to get her on a medicine Lelia told me about. I hope I can get in today or early tomorrow although the waiting room will be packed. Ugh! She can't continue these spasms. It can't be healthy for her throat or heart. Poor thing just ate a bit of boiled chicken and is finally sleeping in her bed. She has to be exhausted.

On the bright side, I had a dream, actually a vision of a necklace I am going to make incorporating CQ. I want to start it right now, but it has to wait.
I "saw" it just before I woke up and jotted the idea down along with a drawing that looks like a road map....I told you I can't draw! :-)

Gotta get ready to take mom on her errands. I'll share the necklace results soon because you know me too well to think I can wait much longer to start on it!
Have a great day and stop to smell the roses!


  1. Oh when pets and children are sick it is the absoolute worst!!! i hoep taht you can get in and out of the vet quickly- a packed vet's waiting room is a stress that neither woman nor beast ever needs!! i will be thinking healthy restful thoughts of you both all day!! Can't wait to see the necklace!!

  2. Will keep good thoughts for Angell. Definitely looking forward to seeing your newest "vision" in the form of a necklace.
    Have a restful day.

  3. Oh Pat,
    So sorry to hear Angel is having problems. Dear sweet thing...
    I hope the Vet can give her something to make her better.....
    Can't wait to see the "vision" necklace....;-}

  4. teddy has been coughing too. But not like poor sweet Angell. He was most upset when I told him about her. He send licks and high paws to her. Am anxious to see your latest vision creation. Take care, Sharon and ofcourse The Ted.

  5. Poor baby! Please let us know what the problem was. I'm sure she'll be fine once you talk with the vet to find a remedy.

  6. How is Angell coming along?Did you manage to get a vet appt? Hope it is nothing too serious.
    Thinking of you because I know how much you love your little dog.



  7. Hi Pat:

    I understand why you call her Angell, she is adorable! It's obvious how much she loves you by the way she looks at you.

    Healing hugs for you and sweet Angell.

    Carolyn in California

  8. Oh, so sorry to here the latest on Angell. I've been out-of-town & just now catching up. Oh my goodness --- and yes, they are our babies & become much loved in our families!!!!! Take care

    PS I'm putting your contest on my blog; however, do NOT want to win as I already own one --- Always, L.

  9. Oh, poor Angell. I'm glad she's on her way to feeling better. Our pets really are just like our kids.


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