Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo of sky prior to the tornado

I recently discovered DS had taken pictures just before the tornado hit Chesterton last week. He was on his way to the movies in Portage and took these with his iPhone.
Now if I had seen a sky this black, I would have turned on a dime and drove straight home. I have seen ominous skies while on the back of a motorcycle in Wyoming and I was trembling. Luckily we found a Hotel as the hail began. Ouch!


  1. You know I grew up in Kansas and lived there until I was 19 and never saw a tornado. We saw lots of clouds like this, but never an actual tornado.

  2. Yes, it does look scary, and I'm with you...I would've turned around and found a safe place somewhere. I remember the Tx. panhandle tornadoes.

  3. Wow those are great photo's. I would have headed home too! Sharon

  4. Those are incredible pictures! You should send them in to the Weather Channel!

  5. Those are stunning photos but scary!! I rmemeber seeing skys like this many times when we lived in OK, just before we ewent down into the "Fraidy Hole". The term used by native Oklahoman's for storm shelters!! glad we moved !!!

  6. Hi Pam,
    Your art works are very pretty-as always, I greet you as a friend from stitchingfingers and invite you to a group of friends,

    hugz, Wanda


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