Saturday, August 15, 2009

My inner child smiled wide today

Earlier this week I ordered a few goodies from an etsy shop named," Dime Store Chic" which I found while browsing a blog (don't remember whose). The owner is Elizabeth Holcombe . I meant to purchase three more items, however, "you snooze, you lose" was the case. Phooey!
I will be keeping an eye on her shop because it is pure fun...oh the memories from my dime store days!

What was extra special about this etsy seller was not how super sweet she was, or how fast she shipped my goodies, but the presentation was over the top fun! When I opened my package a little while ago you couldn't stop me from ginning and feeling excitement as I laid eyes on the sweetly wrapped items. Elizabeth wrapped both purchases separate tied with vintage seam binding, ballerina cake decorations, and rose,and she included a treat you would get from a 50's birthday of lemonheads(lemon drops) and all! She included a business card magnet which I immediately put on my fridge.

I love thoughtful sellers, and this one is tops in my book. I just had to share, even if you don't have a need for an item, go browse and reminisce about your childhood days when little things were most special....Thank you so much Beth!!!!!

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