Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Much needed beach stroll

Yesterday morning I decided to enjoy a few hours of the beautiful day so I picked up mom and we took off toward the Lake. Both of us needed a beach stroll very badly. In this photo you can see USX/ Gary Works steel mill where DH worked for 33.5 years. I am so happy he is out of that filthy place.

The beach conditions this year have been terrible. They keep hauling truckloads of rocks to the once beautiful sandy shore. It is hard to walk on and it hides the mermaid's tears as well as being unsightly.

The tornado that hit town last week apparently whipped up enough winds to pull a lot of the rocks into the water. At least it looks nicer than it was. It was a beautiful beach morning as you can see.

 Mom was finding her treasures and I was taking in the sounds of gentle waves and shore birds.

We didn't stay too long but found quite a nice haul. Again, just standing on the shore was all I needed, the treasures were just extra.

 Near the steps on the way to the parking lot, this beautiful grass was waiting for someone to take its picture...so I did. Click on it to see the detail. It is pretty.


  1. Very nice to do this with your mom. We all need times like this, just to slow down and enjoy the little things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The pictures are so pretty, we live on Lake Huron ourselves and I've never seen water so blue.
    My husband retired from a foundry after 35+ years, and your sentiments are mine exactly!

  3. Those are beautiful pics at the beach! I would love to be able to walk at the beach when I feel the need to regroup and relax! The ocean is my favorite place! That last pic is beautiful! I'm glad you and your mom could enjoy it!!

  4. Lovely post. A stroll along the beach is healing in numerous ways. I love all of your beach treasure...sea glass carries such beauty. Thank you for sharing. Sea Witch

  5. Oh someday I'm going to surprise you, knock on your door, and ask if you want o go to the beach and play. I have not been able to go even once this summer. I really need to get away from staining this house. Thanks for the pictures ,I love them. Sharon

  6. Hi Pat,
    You are so lucky to live by such a beautiful place. Your strolls on the beach with your Mom must be very envigorating..
    I haven't been to the beach once this year, It is a good hour away and life just gets in the way sometimes.
    Your mermaid tears are so pretty..
    and the picture of the grass is so pretty. A lovely day for sure.


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