Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life is always offers a stuff...kinda boring.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather so I decided not to spend the day painting. This was not my typical approach to a job ahead of me, but as I learned last month, I may feel like I'm 19 most days, but I am approaching 50. I need to treat my body better, so I decided to rest. I had wished I could just lounge today. Hey, I was the boss of me, so I could right?

Now, be careful what you wish for...we all know that right? As I was slumbering not quite starting my day early, DH phoned around 7:00 and said he was coming home and to be ready to go to the emergency room. I knew he was in pain last night and his neck was hard to move, and apparently it completely stiffened up at work and he could hardly drive home.

Here I was, the rare day that I'm not up and ready at 4:30, and I had to wash my hair,bathe and try to look presentable, iron a shirt,,potty Angell,gather a project (I knew it would be a long wait)and write a note for DS....I had about 20 minutes for all of this. I half dried my hair then french braided it..the best I could do with this mess. I really need to go visit Raoul for a cut!!! This week for sure. Anyway I didn't have time to grab my puzzle pieces so I grabbed the wire and pearl box stash I was making nests with, thinking I could get the others made during the wait.

Well, we waited, and waited, and waited to be called. It wouldn't have been so upsetting, but there wasn't anyone else there????? We were put in a room, and after meds were administered for pain, DH was out like a light within 10 minutes. Then we waited another hour and he was taken down for a CAT scan. In the mean time I was making the nests...a nurse asked what I was making and I showed her, her eyes lit up so I told her to keep it. She said she makes jewelry, but that was the cutest things she has ever seen and hugged me.She said it may not turn out to be such a bad day after all.
I figured I had plenty of time, so I could make more for my blogging friends....well, almost an hour passed and a tiny older woman wheeled DH in on the stryker. She could hardly see over the bed and couldn't weigh more than 80 pounds. She settled him in and asked if I would like a drink or coffee, I said no, and held out my hand. I gave her a tiny nest with pink eggs which said "Love". You would have thought I had given her gold. Another hug and thank you. Hmmm, I was really scoring on the hugs ! The funny thing is, every time I finished one, a new person came in, kind of hovering near me. I just imagined word got round, and I couldn't NOT share with the rest of them. Needless to say, I came home empty handed and in need of a trip to the bead section of Joann's. LOL. What can I say? If such a tiny gesture gives such joy, I'll make them all day!

The Dr. strolled in after another hour passed, apologized for the wait, and ordered another MRI (DH had one in Dec) Argh! We had to come home and get permission from our family Dr. before scheduling it. So Friday we will see our Dr. and get this scheduled. I am tempted to just make an appointment with a neurologist and forget the song and dance.

So, my relaxing plans to grab a sandwich and dine at the beach last evening with Jilly fell through. Neither of us can believe every time we make plans, something happens. It is just ridiculous! I think it's best if we just show up on each others doorstep and say come on, lets go! LOL. Does anyone else have that problem?
I've got to get Buzzzzzzzzzy .

Here it is almost 8:00 and I haven't even had a drink of water. Have a great day everyone! Try to avoid the ER!!! :-)


  1. Good Luck to DH on his next MRI. What a lovely and generous lady you are Pat. You and your nurturing little bird nests gave so many such simple pleasure today. That is what our journey on this planet is all about. :o)

  2. Wow, what a day! And I hope your hubby gets an answer and soon! That is so frustrating! ER rooms are the worst! But what else can we do at times? I wish him the best! Maybe the reason for it all was for you to bring sunshine in those ladies' lives! How tender and sweet of you! They are so pretty and couldn't help but bring joy to whoever gets them!! Bless you!

  3. You made a lot of people very happy yesterday (including me! thanks!) and all while you were feeling stressed. Sounds like turning thistles into honey to me--you're the busy bee! Marjorie

  4. I've had those days too Pat. But some good came out of it, you brought a lot of smiles to many that day. Hope all goes well with your DH.

  5. So sorry to hear of your husband's discomfort, Pat. Hope the further tests will get to th root of the problem. Meanwhile, it sounds like another walk on the beach is in order! It also sounds like you brightened the day for lots of folks in your own special way. Hugs.

  6. ER's are no fun-long waits-yuk. You must have been a pleasure to everyone-they usually get grouchy people mad about waits. I hope MRI goes well. Hugs Leslie

  7. I was sorry to read that your DH is unwell. Must be quite a worry.I will be thinking of you when he goes for the nextMRI. Waiting in hospitals is something awful.The time seems to pass so SLOWLY.

  8. Dear Pat.... Best laid plans ...sigh....
    I hope your DH will be as good as new real soon.Good thoughts coming his way.... and you with your bird;s nests....Bet you never thought there were so mahy hugs in the nests....;-}You are such a caring generous person,I can see where it gives you great pleasure. Just make sure you take time for yourself..... well at least keep trying !
    even tho it seems hard at times..

  9. I can empathise with your husband Pat, hope the MRI result isn't too serious. I think you may be right about the word getting around the hospital about the nests too, you're so generous to give them away like that. I get such a buzz when little gifts are so well received and I'm sure you do too.

  10. Hope hubby is feeling better! You are so sweet to share your beautiful work!!

  11. Pat, sounds like you and hubby had quite a day....prayers he will be ok!!

  12. Hoping all goes well with your hubby. What a way to spreed some cheer to the hospital employees. You are a sweetie!!

  13. A beautiful uplifting post reminds me of that old quote 'The perfume of the flowers always remains on the hands of the giver'...hope your man's pain has settled and that you're having a more restful day...

  14. Hey Pat I sure hope all goes well for your DH. I love how you made everyones day a little special. You are that type of gal. One question though . Did you give the Dr. a nest too?!!! Take care and get some rest. Sharon

  15. I can sure empathize with you on the ER visit...I sat with my Mom (84 yrs. young) and my Dad (86 yrs. young) at the ER this past Saturday night. Turned out that Daddy had a blocked esophagus and had to have emergency surgery at 3:30a.m. Sunday morning. We arrived at the ER at 9:45pm Sat. and Mom and I left at 5:30am Sunday. Daddy is such a little trooper. He got to come home Monday around lunch time and is doing fine. I did take some funny pictures of Mom and Me sitting out in the hall of the surgery waiting room all bundled up in blankets :+}.
    Hope your DH gets a good report and finds out what is wrong so that he can get better.
    Blessings, Lana, Scottsboro, AL

  16. Will keep you and DH in my prayers that the MRI comes out fine and he feels better soon. The ER is no fun at all. FIL was recently in the ER, arrived mid morning and didn't get a room until 7 that evening. Glad for the Doctor's even though it was a long day.

    Blessing's will come your way from cheering up so many with your cute wire nest. Isn't it wonderful to be able to brighten someones day when they most need it.

    Funny the word verification was "tirest". Yes, we often get tired or should I say tirest. :)

  17. Hi Pat,

    Hope all is well with your husband.
    Last night I gave my friend the Crazy Quilt with the little bird nest, silver with pink pearls on it, and the word "love". She was ever so pleased, and we had several great comments about the nest. They really are the cutest things.


  18. Oh I hope hubby is okay. You might want to take him to a chiropractor, I go all the time for my neck. That was so sweet of you to give those two nurses a nest pendant! I'm sure word did get around. :D


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