Monday, August 17, 2009

Just had to make these............

Among the generous bag of pearls Doni sent me were some tiny blue pearls. Well, you know what came to my mind? Tiny robin egg nests. I had to make these earrings for Doni. I made them this morning after DH left for work. Then I finished stitching the edges of the puzzle pieces to be mailed today,and organized my messy Pearl cotton hanks. They are now neatly on cards for easy access.

It is a rainy day, which we need desperately. Actually, Illinois is getting a lot and I hope it does make its way here otherwise I will have to drag out my ole costume and do a rain dance.

My poor garden looks terrible from my transplanting mess. I know it will all be worth it next patient Pat.....

The design board is up in the class room and I am at the point of moving in a storage chest and sewing table. I thought I would only need one sewing machine since I am keeping the class size to 4 students. It should be fine, if not I will add another. I don't want to clutter the small space however I do want convenience and plenty to play with.

The beauty of having classes at my home is being so close to my studio to retrieve anything I may need. Plus, having it separate from my house, Angell won't be barking continuously trying to protect us from strangers.....sorry, but it does get annoying. She gets so upset, and has started nipping. The Dr. said it is her age, like humans, after a certain age, we just don't feel the need to take what we don't want from others, LOL. I guess that makes sense, but it isn't something I find cute although I can't punish or blame her for that.

I am excited to learn my friend Leslie Kenreich will be coming for class next month, actually a workshop. We will be experimenting with products. Leslie is the one who gifted me with the beautiful vintage swan clasp which inspired the purse, "Sea Whispers".
It was an amazing gift and I knew I had to use it in something special. Leslie makes the most beautiful wired ribbon flowers I have ever seen, including the ones in publications. Her CQ is very pleasing to the eye and one of these days I will have her blogging and sharing. Yes, Leslie, I will!!!!!!

I must get off the computer and finish a few more puzzles. What a bad example I have set....oh dear!


  1. Pat you are so wonderful to make things for your friends. Bird nests sweet.
    Your swan clasp purse is beyond beautiful. I love following your blogs.
    PS Angell has earned her position. lol

  2. Me blogging-I never know what to say and am busy following yours!!
    The purse turned out beautiful-won a ribbon-didn't it? Leslie

  3. I think Angell and I are a lot alike, I was ready to nip and bark at this lady this morning. The way she was treating her poor children, enough said.... Love the earrings and the purse. Yes Leslie must blog! Sharon

  4. wow this is gorgeous !!!!! I love the purse !! you are lucky !

  5. That purse is gorgeous. It must have taken ages to put the beads on the lace? What do you use for a beading needle. It seems if I get one that goes through the bead I can't thread it.....

  6. Well, I want those earrings! They are the sweetest. If you ever make a pair in silver, I'd be happy to buy them from you!!

  7. Pat, those are gorgeous! And they have my name on them. Thank you, thank you. Sorry Phyllis! I think those blue pearls are soooo pretty.

    Hugs to Angell, I have a 12 Eskie who is feeling his age, too.


  8. Dear Pat!
    Your Sea Whispers purse is absolutely breathtaking!! I love how you layered the angelina fiber in with the beautiful tatted doily and all of the marvelous beadwork!!
    It was a real treat to see your lucious CQ beaded lampshades in the Somerset Home this issue!! You will have so many students soon!! Way to go!!
    i hope that sweet angel is feeling beter!!


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