Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good morning!

It is fun to see so many of you joining in the nest giveaway....now I've been blogging for a few years now and you ought to know me by now. There is no way I can just give one nest pendant away....how many???? Let's just say there are 6 days from me posting it and drawing day. :-)

Thanks for all of the kind comments, you are too kind, and I appreciate your words and take them to heart.

Last night I painted the hutch cabinet in the class room and moved in an office chair. (on wheels) I can roll around helping everyone, just kidding. I also decided to move my rubber stamps out there. It is such a nice space, it is a shame to use it just for classes. I think workshops will be in the works, and UFO play dates, and.......... and no, of course I'm not having any fun preparing the class room ;-}

In the mean time, the "vision" necklace is coming along. I should set it aside and not allow myself to work on it until the other puzzles have been mailed. I am terrible at multi tasking...I tend to linger over what suits my fancy more than what needs to be done. Perhaps we are all like this?

I must run mom to town so I will take advantage of that and find some supplies for the classroom. I really need to finish the last puzzles when I return because I start painting another series of white rooms tomorrow...then I am free for the Summer!!!!! Oh yeah!

Just to let you know, I have all the names down for the giveaway, even if I didn't get to comment on your blog yet.
You know there must be a special giveaway for my birthday month (Sept) so be on the lookout for an announcement :-) gotta get busy on something special.....................
PS...I am looking for this book for a friend. It is Japanese crazy quilting or I think it is called Victoian needlework??? I'm not sure.
I acquired one through a generous friend a few years ago and love it. I have searched high and low and cannot find an issue for sale so I am asking my blogging friends if they even see this book, please let me know with a link. Thanks so much.


  1. I love your birdsnest necklace and would like my name entered for the draw. I have entered your blog on mine but don't know how to let you know with a link except to leave my blog address here. http://naturesbrushtrokes.blogspot.com I'm fairly new at this.

  2. What gorgeous art pieces in your photo! The colors are "to-die-for"!!! Wish I could help you with the book into but I'm not familiar with it. Good luck on finding it!

  3. Dear Pat, good day from the Islands.
    You know I have the book. It is my stuff but there it will remain.
    Bought it fro Ebay but it came from Hongkong, any help?
    Love the nests, what ever you give away, they would love a vacation in Hawaii.
    As usual you are prolific and you really do promote CQ and keep the art alive. Good and goody for you.Birthday next month, hmmm.
    aloha Lilla

  4. Painting white walls..... I am staining logs and then my summer will begin. I so wish I lived closer so I could come to your wonderful studio. Sharon

  5. You are always so generous and I can't wait to be one of your bird nest collectors.
    I don't live close enough to enjoy your studio but if I did I would definitely take classes with you.

  6. Hi Pat

    We have a Japanese Dept. store in Arlington Hts. which is the next suburb over from us. I have not been there for ages but mentioned to my daughter recently that we should take a run down and see what is there. I also had books and bits and bobs in mind. I will check and if they have it will let you know. I could buy it if yo want and just mail it to you. Let me know.



  7. I tend to linger over what suits my fancy more than what needs to be done. Perhaps we are all like this?

    Oh yes, this does sound familiar, then I panic and drive myself crazy trying to get my things done!

  8. Oh Pat that was really nasty of someone to do....I hope you found the colprut.... I love your stuff and you know I have been following you for a long time. So I wish you could do online classes...but your birdsnests are beautiful.....



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