Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the kind notes, and yes, I do plan on see my Dr. soon. I feel so much better this morning.I fell asleep with Angell on the couch last night so I woke early, opened the doors to let in the cool air which felt like heaven after sleeping with a hot fur ball in your arms all night,LOL.

We did go to dinner in Michigan last night, early evening actually.
DH got a tip from a co-worker who said Redamaks has great perch on Fridays so we headed to New Buffalo. Redamaks is a fairly large restaurant build in 1975, and a hot spot for Illinois/Indiana residents on the weekends. They are famous for their hamburgers although I have never known why because to me they are just normal. (Please, no hating me for my opinion) There are Redamak fans just as loyal as White Sox and Cubs fans...really. The environment is laid back, pretty noisy,and a gathering place after a day of fun in the sun and water. Inside it reminds me of a large barn although it isn't a barn at all. It is a stones throw from Lake Michigan. Everyone would meet there when I was a teenager for a burger and beer.I remember the banana daiquiri's You couldn't drink in Indiana at age 18, so we went to MI. (shame on us)

We arrived around 4:00 Mi time, was seated, ordered, anticipating a fine fish dinner, we were drooling at the thought of great perch. Well, it was pretty bad. The perch were small curled up greasy fillets with no breading to speak of. Soggy, oily,yuck. The clam chowder's aroma was so pungent that we had to have it removed from the table. I think the clams were expired. DS and DH ate what they could as I fiddled with the macaroni salad. After paying the large bill, we left hungry yet not wanting to eat anything else. I was kind of sickened by the whole experience and bummed that our family outing was a bust. I had hoped our week would have had a positive ending with a good meal. Thank goodness we have a sense of humor and the three of us joked and laughed about it all the way home. We made a plan that it will be "Bartlett's" next time! Close to home and wonderful offerings.

Around 10:00 DS announced he was going out to have pizza with a friend, I almost asked for a doggie bag,LOL. My stomach was growling but it was too late to eat.

The sun is shining and I am going to weed a bit and plan the perennial moves in a few months. I need to fill my newest garden area. I have been so busy this Spring/Summer that nothing has been touched out there. Then I will swing and read Coralie's book for a while. Then finish a few more puzzle pieces.

Cool! DS just came in and gave me a hands free phone with the ear thingy.Now I can type or sew and talk on the phone. Well,the idea is that I am free to do those things with this device, but actually doing them simultaneously????We'll see. Reminds me of the close calls I have had with drivers on cell phones..oh my!

Go soak up 10-15 minutes of vitamin D in the sun if you can and have a glorious day!


  1. Goodmorning Pat..
    WELL!..sorry to hear your anticipated dinner was a bust...I hate when that happens...Oh well live amd learn eh?
    I hope your tummy is feeling better.. and yes... a trip to the doctor is a smart move...
    I need to go again as my arthritis is acting up in my hands of all places! I NEED my hands to work!
    It is sunny here to-day and DH is busy with his power washer cleaning the deck ready to stain it.It is such a treat to see the sun...
    Have a nice day in your garden...

  2. beth bricker2:07 PM CDT

    I have never seen what the big deal is with Redamak's. I think the bar across the street from Tradewinds beads in Watervliet has better burgers. Sorry to hear the fish was not good. I have been itching to get over that way to the outlet mall.

  3. I agree about never being impressed with Redamak's. (I prefer Miner Dunn's burgers in Hammond.) I never understood what the hype was about. I'm sorry your dinner was a bust. Bummer. And I hope you sort out what was wrong with you and that you're soon back in tip-top shape. Marjorie


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