Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am excited this morning. I am meeting up with Leslie, and in my favorite town of St. Joe,MI and checking out a new bead shop. What more could a girl ask for?
I'm a little nervous presenting her with the CQ purse with her altered fairy image of her mom. I fudged a bit while trying to add some color to her dress which makes me wonder why I can't leave things alone!!!!! Hopefully with embellishments and all, it won't be noticeable .....hopefully, fingers crossed.
It will be fun to have some girl time over lunch. A light lunch for me, I haven't been good at all this week. Working on the class room much of the week, I have been grabbing whatever was quick and available if you know what I mean. Junk! I think the only veggies I had this week were carrots and peas . Yikes!
I must remember to buy some fudge for mom. Last time we were in St. Joe she bought me some, so I want to surprise her with some on the way home.

The next two weeks I will be painting white walls again :-( I think that will be a perfect time for a blog giveaway. Hmmmmm what shall it be?????? Stay tuned. I am off for a quick walk and then I must get ready for a pleasant day in MI.

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  1. I have to laugh girl. First it's carrots and peas and then right into the fudge part. You make me laugh. Love it!!! Have fun. Sharon


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