Friday, August 07, 2009

Crazy Gatherings is on it's way!

This morning I cleaned the house at 6:00 and headed out to mow so DH wouldn't have to since it is his mom's birthday tomorrow. His brother is in town from AZ and I'm sure they will spend the day shooting the breeze.

After mowing I decided to transplant the "Alien" plant from the back garden to the area between the summer kitchen and house so I could see it from the couch. Man is that one heavy fella!!!! DS came out to the garden while I was digging and asked if I needed anything before he went to play golf with a friend. Well, if I would have known that plant was so heavy.......whew!

It was just the perfect morning for yard work, but now it is raining. DH came home as it was sprinkling and caught me painting the inside window frames pink,LOL. I had paint left over from painting the wicker rocker can imagine his expression. I tried to explain it would be nice after I get the vintage curtain rods on each side and several lace panels up.....the pink will barely be seen, if at! The old rocker is going in a corner of "Crazy Gatherings" for someone to relax while browsing CQ & SRE books during lunch break. The vintage iron with pink formica dining set from a tag sale last fall will be the work table for four, and I have a vintage porcelain metal top table for additional room if needed. Six people is my limit, so this works fine. I will move in a small fridge from DS's college days for bottle water, and a small microwave ( I must paint pink) if someone wants to heat up their lunch or tea.

DH had already installed an industrial heating unit so I can offer classes during the Winter months too.
He is adding the lights tomorrow and then I begin my move. This is like preparing for a new addition to the family. Lots of work but too excited to care.

DH helped me clear out the rest of my garden supplies which he made a place for in the back section of the barn so I can still pot up a plant with ease.

While he was gathering his tools to start on the floor, I hosed down the entire interior of the building. Although the floor will be covered, I wanted it to be as dirt free as possible.
I wonder how many people have walked across these bricks during the past 130 years? I love the old brick floors and hate to hide them but there is no way an uneven floor will be possible in a classroom environment. Especially working with pretty fabrics and such. I do hope the students are aware of my rule.....anything that falls on the floor is mine!!!! :-0 Shhhhh...don't tell them.

I am excited to see so much interest in the classes. I already have the first Saturday in October booked for a CQ class and several more inquiries. Cool! I really am getting excited. I have so much I want to share, and I need to write it down and organize it. For those who wanted class details, I will be working on that this weekend and will email next week.

I can't wait to hang my "shabby"paper lanterns from Victorian Trading Co. I want the place to be inviting with cozy touches because it must be bright however not "cold".
I might head to the junk shop in the morning to see if the old chest is still there. I knew I should have went back for it when I saw it the day I went with Sue and Wendy. Oh well, if it isn't, I will use something I have. There is an interesting piece in my studio closet that would serve the purpose, and of course it will need a coat of pink paint.I want to keep extra fabrics for students to take what they need during class. I am gathering assorted vintage bowls for bead soup,laces and such to place in the center of the table as "class supplies". It's always nice to have small offerings just in case someone didn't bring all they need for a project.

Let's see, I must re-paint the lattice on the walls, which brightens the room without completely covering the lovely brick. I must buy a piece of peg board for design wall.......class folders.....extra pens......make shabby chair cushions....hang Sweet candles....

So many ideas......oh my! Anyone want to come help? You'll find me in the summer kitchen!


  1. We have one of those plants! Have no clue what it is, but it sure is a thirsty one. It certainly doesn't respond well to heat (altho' this summer we can't complain because we haven't had any). Envy you your lovely space. Hope you'll post more pictures?

  2. Oh I wish I was closer! I'd come over and help and take all the classes you offer. Well I can wish. Sharon

  3. Oh Pat!! I can feel your excitement... and "PINK" ..sigh ....drool... one of my favorite colors. It sounds like you have everything under control. I love the table and chairs. I remember when you got them... PERFECT...
    Wish I was closer, I would help too...Meanwhile, Have fun, but i needn't tell you1

  4. Wow it sounds so inviting. I love pink look forward to seeing the class schedules just might have to take one or two.

  5. Oh IF only I lived closer- I would be there to help in a flash!! I wish that I could motivate myself to aint the bathrooms in my house the way you are motivated to create this amazing space!!! I would be signed up for classes and hang out time as well!!! This is so very exciting for you Pat!! Think of all of the time that will be saved by not ahving to pack everything up to go off to teach classes in other places, never mind the timethat you will save having to put everything away again when classes are done- that is the part that I hate!!!
    Can't wait to see some finished STUDIO shots- you should send in an Article to STUDIOS the magazine!!

    Big hugs!!

  6. I would have loved to lend a hand had I not had such a busy week!

    The pics look great!

    Looks like you have it ready for students now : )

    Enjoy the week-end. It is so hot out -- I'm staying in.

  7. Pat,
    I wish I was closer so I could join in on a class!! Your classroom will be fantastic! I can't wait to see the pictures when it is done. Lucky ladies that can come and learn from you!!


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