Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beware of the heat and humidity!!!

I would have never thought that I would be overcome by heat and humidity as busy as I stay however yesterday after enjoying a nice morning with mom at a flea market,(next post) I began working in my new garden. It was so humid you would perspire standing still in the shade. Honestly, it was bad. Loving to work outside, I never thought about heat and humidity before but yesterday I overdid it big time. I worked all day digging, watering and lifting plants from one garden to the new one by the woods. I began feeling extremely weak and weird around 3:00 so I jumped in the pool to cool off. Well, cooling off too fast gave me a headache. I was so weak I climbed on a float to wait until I felt stronger so I could go inside. I have never felt this way before so I went upstairs to lay down in hopes that my headache would go, that didn't happen. It turned into a full blown migraine. I haven't had one in so long, and over exerting myself in such heat brought it on. The pain was bad enough, but nausea (sorry)with a headache just wipes me out. Around 6:00 I was ready to go to the emergency room to be re-hydrated,but I was too weak.
I had plans to surprise Marjorie,Lelia,and Karol at the NANI meeting last night, and was going to meet up with Jilly earlier, but because of my ignorance and determination to get the garden moved, I missed out on a great evening.

DH was down watching TV and didn't even know how sick I was. Men! So, learn by my mistake, and please drink lots of water if you are working outside in the heat, and take a break often. Do not cool off too fast, I now learned that could kill you...yikes!


  1. I hope you are doing much better!

    That just happened to me too a week ago. Caused my heart to race and I was shaking.

    Your garden is SO pretty!!!

    Wow that quilt is STUNNING!!!

    Everyone's work was so well done.
    What fun!

    Fried oil smell... mmmmm
    I made myself a fried sweet plantain last night. OOOH it was SO good! I used olive oil though. Not as good as corn, but much healthier! I gave up fried foods as a main part of my diet, but from time to time I think it's OK.

    How do you fry Pepsi???????
    You'll have to expalin that one to me!

  2. I'm sorry you didn't feel well yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing you at NANI, and I'm glad to hear you are still planning on coming. It was a very quiet meeting, so all you missed was the company!

  3. I'm so sorry you overdid and were ill. I have migraines and they are no fun. I felt bad I didn't call to remind you about last night, just in case you hadn't noted it down. It was an uneventful meeting and it would have been nice to see you. I hope you're feeling better.

  4. Part of my job is to give heat stress training to summer student employees at the university. I recognized the symptoms as you went on in your post.

    Just a reminder - once you've had a heat stress illness, you're more prone to them, so be sure to take care of yourself outside. Lots of water, frequent breaks, light clothing. It creeps up on you faster than you know.

  5. So sorry that you where not able to attend. I do hope you are feeling better maybe next month.

  6. Pat!! Oh My Goodness, so sorry to hear of your heat related experience.I'm so glad you are OK now.
    I haven't had that problem but I can relate to the migraines.. I had them for 10 years(cluster migraines) then they stopped when "Mother Nature" left!!!!They are not nice to say the least...
    I hope you will be careful from now on, but I must say your garden is beautiful...
    You take care now..

  7. Oh, so sorry to read this post --- what a challenge to deal with!


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