Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beautiful day!

We had such pleasant weather today. After straightening the house this morning as the cool breeze blew in from the opened doors, I decided to take advantage of the temp and make homemade chicken noodles. With dinner finished, I can play around getting the class room ready for October classes.

I had planned on getting my hair cut today but decided to put it off until tomorrow afternoon. I will be meeting a friend in St. Joe tomorrow. We are going to meet at a new bead shop and have lunch. After I enjoy time with her I will stop for a hair cut on the way home. Raoul usually takes me right in. If not, there's always next week.

Anyway, back to the class room progress. I hung a cabinet to hold tea and cocoa supplies and worked on a refreshment area.The old porcelain metal top table is roomy enough for the microwave, hot tea maker and coffee pot. DH has to bring in the small refrigerator to be filled with bottled water and pink lemonade the morning of classes. Yes, PINK lemonade...what else would I serve my students?
The gingerbread (decorative wooden corner things under table front) was found in dad's workshop. I "stole" them, and knew I could use them somewhere. ;-} (ok, I didn't actually steal them, but I didn't ask for them either, I just politely put them in my car...with mom watching.) I finally found a place to hang those three paper lanterns I purchased from Victorian Trading Co. I love them but didn't have a place to use them until now. I will eventually hang them properly, but had to see them up right away :-)
Sherill , owner of Blue Stem beads in Porter has huge white ones hanging everywhere and they are the neatest! Ellen also uses them in her studio for atmosphere. They remind me of enchanting evenings. What can I say?

The freshly painted pink vintage rocker found a corner to rest in...I must make a pretty cushion. I bought this old rocker shortly after we moved here 20 years ago. It has springs in the seat and was so well made and comfy! I have no idea how old it is, but it sure is a sturdy treasure.The pink 50's table set is a temporary work station. I decided to buy some of the cream or white plastic lace by the yard that I discovered earlier this Spring at the hardware store. Perhaps on my way home tomorrow. It will cover the table for class.

Well, that's it for today. I just finished mowing the lawn a bit ago and now I am off for a bike ride before dark. It cooled off nicely. Have a great evening.


  1. Oh I do love everything pink and your classroom is coming along perfectly. Pat you must have a clock that gives you more hours in a day than 24. lol

  2. Pat this is wonderful. I love seeing all the progress photos. Keep posting your progress, I'm heading over to Victorian trading co. right now.

  3. Scrumptious Pat! I love your colors and style! oxoxox

  4. I hav esid it before and this will not be the last time, YOu are a WONDDER!!! Being able to watcht he transformation of the Summer Kitchen is sucha treat and to think of lucky students being able to take classes there with you, is a pure delight!!!
    We can tell that you are not having any fun with this project, NOT!!! the delight shines thru all that you do!!
    have a wonderful day at the Bead Shop!!

  5. LOVE the Lanterns!!!!! OMGOSH. Sweet! My problem is I have NO PLACE to hang them. I already have tooo much stuff and I'd have to get rid of something else I love to have even ONE!

    Have fun at the new Bead Shop. YOu and my girl (she beads and LOVES IT!) would have quite a time together. She can spend HOURS in a bead shop!!!!!


  6. I love the lanterns and that sturdy little chair. Beautiful site you have! Pearl


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