Saturday, August 01, 2009

August is here already. County fair time

WOW! I have said it many times, and I know you get sick of hearing it , but where has the time gone? Where did Spring go? Where did this week go? Where has 8 years gone?
Tomorrow is the 8th anniversary of my father's passing. I decided not to post a memorandum this year. My heart is heavy today and I want to focus on everything good including wonderful memories we shared.
I will not be online tomorrow because I plan on spending the day with mom at our beach frolicking along the shore in the morning, enjoying a nice lunch around noon, and tea and talk all afternoon, then attending the fair in the evening. It is always a rough day for us and events of this week hasn't helped lighten the load .

When I was growing up we never missed a fair. Each year dad and mom packed us in the station wagon when the day cooled off and we headed to Valparaiso to the Porter County fair grounds. I always had to wear tennis shoes because it was dusty or muddy depending on the weather and three exhausted kids with dirty feet complaining of belly aches at night wasn't what a tired mom wanted to deal with before bed.
I usually fell asleep on the way home even though it was only a 20 minute drive.
The Ferris wheel was my favorite although I never went on it as a child. I could watch it for hours. I always wanted to ride the fast whirling cars that played the cool music and flashing colored lights , but having to do so with my older brother wasn't very fun. I wanted to ride alone. Besides, he always acted like a crazy person and embarrassed me. Oh how I wish I were 12 and my brother and I were on that ride again. The corn dogs,popcorn, ice cream waffle cone, fried veggies and cotton candy seemed to be never ending. We never said no to anything even if it meant getting a stomach ache. I always came home with a stuffed animal and small plastic item from winning the fish bowl toss. My brother's would play the shooting duck game but played until the prizes they won were lost. They never knew when to quit while they were ahead.LOL.
I never remembered mom and dad riding on anything. I just imagine they spent all of our "fair money" and then some on us kids. I close my eyes and hear the music,the voices and happy screams of children, the wind rush over me blowing hair into my face on a wild ride,the comfort of knowing my parents always had an eye on me, and all the exhilaration a wide eyed country girl could enjoy at the county fair.

With those memories surfacing, I will attend the Porter County fair tomorrow evening, the last day of the fair, with my mom. We will not dwell on our loss, but remember the good times, the simple happy times we were fortunate to share for so many years .

We will browse the exhibits and comment on the beautiful hand made items. I will point out friend's work and critique my own entries.

I will play fish bowl toss and we may ride the Ferris wheel if I can muster the courage. We will eat greasy fried veggies , ice cream, and whatever we feel like torturing ourselves with and I will come home with cotton candy...just because. We will wear sandals because one pair of feet are easier to clean than three. It will be a good day of fond old memories and newly made ones of me and mom at the fair once again.
I will see you after the fair!


  1. Aren't memories wonderful! Have a wonderful day with your Mom , enjoy the fair and make more memories...

  2. Your memories made me reflect on our times at the fair. Around our house, the big favorite was a piping hot scone with raspberry jam. Yum, I can almost taste it now. Have a great time with your mom; I'll bet she'll be extra proud to see your prizewinner! And we are anxious to see photos, too. Hugs.

  3. Pat, Thank you for reminding me of those days gone by, We always stayed at the fair til late,as we could not miss the rodeo!, Silence on the way home,all of us worn out from the overload of sights,sounds and earthly those simple, carefree times.

  4. Loved this post and all the memories you have and shared! I know you miss your dad; it's hard not to but I hope you have a wonderful time today! Enjoy all the Sunday festivities!

  5. Lovely memories!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment! :)

  6. How incredible to be led to SEW Somerset yesterday being drawn in by the crazy quilt cuffs. I bought the mag, read the article and your bio to go OMG! I live in Chesterton too!!! I love your work and your blog. I too would rather spend time in my studio and am thankful for Indiana winters that allow me to do just that! I didn't go to the fair as a kid but we parked cars in our yard for it in Bourbon, IN. We made $ for our school clothes and I never ONCE thot I was missing out till I took my own kids and WOW! You described it so beautifully! Maybe we can have tea together on my front porch sometime!

  7. I feel just like I am at the fair as a little girl after reading your memories. My mother would always make matching gingham checked outfits for each of the five of us...Dad a shirt, Mom a dress and we three girls each a dress all in the same color. She always said that way if one of us got lost everyone would know who belonged to whom. One fair yellow, one fair red and so on. We never missed a fair be it county or state. Those were simpler times and we were making memories. I will always miss my Dad, my Mom, my Grandpa and my Grandma however I will always have my memories to enjoy. Ride the Ferris Wheel and laugh. :o)

  8. After reading your post all the memories of going to the Minnesota state fair came flooding back. What a great time it was and I too would fall asleep on the way home. I miss my parents so very much. They were always there for me and when they passed away it left a empty place in my heart. But I have such glorious fun memories and I smile. Sharon

  9. Such wonderful memories.. Our county fair just finished. Had fun watching my granddaughter compete in 4H with her horse and dog.
    Very small fairbut fun just the same.
    Thanks for sharing and love all your pics.

  10. Pat the fair does bring back happy memories for me. We had a park and beach on Lake Ontario. It was called Sunnyside Beach. There was also a large swimming pool. I used to love to ride the roller coaster and would get off and then back into line to go again. We never had much money but when we did that is where we kids would go. It was open all summer.

    Hope you and your Mom had a nice, peaceful day walking the beach, etc. The weather here yesterday was wonderful so hopefully yours would have been too.



  11. Hi Pat, as a little girl, growing up in Liberty Twp, I always loved going to the Porter County Fair - nearly as many butterflies as when I was trying to hurry Christmas! I have enjoyed your blog so much--your work is exceptional and gorgeous, but especially the fact that when you talk about the Dunes, I know exactly of where you speak! I live in Tucson now, but when I visit my own dear Mom, I always ask to go to the Dunes to experience their magic. xox - barbara moore


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