Thursday, July 30, 2009

White eggs anyone?

I wish I would have thought to make these nests for the PINK charm swap. Duh! I made horrid charms which I am embarrassed to claim. Anyway, these would have been perfect. I don't care how many nests you have if you love birds, you can't get enough.

This one has a pink seam binding neck cord and white pearls for eggs on a pink tag which by the way was designed by Seneca Pond Crafts /Instant Printables or Gail of Shabby Cottage Studio ( I will have to research this one) Sorry ladies, my mind has "flown the coop" (sorry, that was pathetic I know.) This one is available as well. Just thought I'd add it with the others.

I desperately need to get my fav blog links on my sidebar. It has been a bad week, and quite frankly, today was a "veg out on the porch swing just creating" kind of day. Nothing else was accomplished aside from general quick run through of the house.
Tomorrow will be better. Every day can't have cotton candy clouds and birds singing you to sleep right?


  1. LOL you are too funny!
    I'll be going back to the PO today to see if your charms have finally gotten there yet.

    I cannot wait to see how horrid they really are!

    If they are really really horrid, we'll use them as talismans to scare cancer off of the planet!
    Now that would be cool!


  2. Don't you hate weeks like that.. I'm trying to find a peaceful rhythm to my life with little luck. Started yesterday getting stung by yellow jackets making a nest in the sheep's mineral salts bag and then disturbed a stinging ant nest when moving some boards and they ravished my body. And it was soooo hot that I just quit working and went inside to stitch poppies.. It is so healing!!!!

    Gerry K.


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