Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Under construction

Just dropping in for a minute to say good morning and last night I didn't finish reading my book, so something to look forward to this afternoon on the porch swing. Instead, I did a bit of has been a while since I picked up the needle.

As you can see, I am rebuilding my link list, so I started adding some of my favorite blogs in the old format. I think it will be quicker to load for some. Although it isn't as visually interesting, it will still get you to the same great blogs I enjoy.

Now I've got to get ready ......then I am off to mom's...perhaps the beach...then somewhere to buy a new microwave. I hate those things, but mine is so old but DH uses it to reheat things so I must replace it. Anyway, I'll finish my blog list when I return.

I' back..(No, that wasn't was me :-)


  1. Love this post. The pics are so sweet. I have been reading that other blogs are having trouble too. Some say they think it's the music. Do you have trouble reaching mine? I will have to do a clean up too..... Sharon

  2. Hey Pat,

    I'm just catching up visiting with you. Don't fret about the mole removal. They are absolutely painless - I promise you. They itch afterwards when healing but other than that, no big deal. Just keep talking with your doctor to distract yourself during the process.

  3. Hi Pat, I see you have been having some problems, in more ways than one. Hope things improve.
    Carol Daisy

  4. Hi Pat,
    Did I hear something about a mole removal?? I just had a couple removed and no problem.. As Martha would say"It's a good thing"!
    Love the darling pictures in your message..
    Good luck with your blog cleaning. My Laptop is at the computer doctor. I am using DH's. Hard to get on his tho as he is doing geniology and spends so much time there. I usually nip in when he takes a coffee break VBG
    Been sick for a few days but starting to get my muse back...YEAH!!!Have a great day at the beach... I'm staying in as we are getting rain..


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