Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things to share

I have received so many wonderful things from friends and just haven't taken time to share them until now.
First, and waaaaaay late is a package from Terri. She sent me and little Angell some goodies. Angell is the proud owner of not one but two of Terri's sweet little collars for fur babies. You feed the collar through the top and your pup is dressed to a "T".One is light and airy Shabby chic to wear when she feels like having tea with me in the front room, the other is for her beach combing with mom, pink and green Batik design. For me, Terri sent several beautiful lace applique's for me to dye and enjoy. Also asweet tea party card and little booklet to read to Angell although I'm not sure I want to encourage her "attitude" . :-)
THANK YOU FROM US BOTH TERRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then I received a package from Judith McCarthy of AU with two delightful and perfect dolls. The sweet little doll brooch is so dainty.The clown immediately made me smile. How can you possibly not after seeing this?

Next was a package from Jan containing the most beautiful and delicate porcelain plate which she hand painted herself with sweet violets. Her skill is just amazing. DH didn't believe someone painted it. So beautiful and such perfect colors. and a very pretty hand made garden scrapbook. It even has fun phrases to work among the entries. I already have something to place inside. I love the pink gingham tie. Thank you so much Jan!!!! :-)
Then my little order from Rengin arrived. I treated myself to a bit of OYA. A Turkish needle lace which I have admired for many years, introduced to me by Rengin herself a few years ago.
If you want something delicate, and absolutely beautiful and unique, you must treat yourself to a bit or a lot of Regin's offerings from herArtFire site below. It is amazing work, and I although I bought it for my crazy quilt work, I am making two pair of earrings with four of the flowers. Mom went crazy over them and held one up to her ear. I was thinking the same shall make earrings for us.
Rengin tucked in a few freebies which are just as gorgeous. Thank you again Rengin. I love the OYA.

Ending a day and beginning a day at the beach with two special people can spoil a girl!
Wednesday evening Jilly and I went to Joann's and ended up at the beach. It was getting dark fast and I really couldn't see well but hoped to find at least two pieces of glass, one for each of us. Guess what? I did! I found exactly two clear pieces and off we went. We will return earlier next time and have a treasure hunt! What a way to complete the day! Thanks Jilly!

The next morning mom wanted to go to the beach. It was nice and cool and the waves were high. The sound was soothing as we walked along the shore finding bits of treasure along the way. This was my find for the morning.

Still trying to catch up, so hang in there for another post soon..............


  1. Hi Pat~
    All of your treasures are sooooo pretty. The hand painted plate is gorgeous along with the OYA. They are so delicate and lacy. AWSOME WORK.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. So many treasures!!! Just lovely trims. Simply beautiful.

  3. Lovely gifts and treasures for a lovely person! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That needlelace is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics! I'm sure you'll do lovely things with that! :)


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