Monday, July 13, 2009

Need correct Spanish translation

Help! To all my Spanish speaking friends, could you tell me how to write "Crazy Quilt Accessories" in Spanish?
This doesn't look too nice....Accesorios de Edredón Locos
Should it be....Accesorios de cento'n?
Thank you for any help.


  1. does this help?

  2. I found that site as well, the "back-translation" means quilt of scraps, it doesn't really say anything about the crazy part. I'll keep looking.

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM CDT

    Hello Pat!

    I am afraid there is not a literal translation for that in Spanish. However, the phrase "Accesorios para colchas de retazos de estilo crazy" might fit well. Since we (Spanish speakers) do not have an appropriate word for the "crazy quilting" technique, the incorporation of "crazy" into our language as a anglicism is correct.
    I hope it is useful for you.
    Congratulations for your blog. I love it!
    Virginia (Spain).

  4. Yeah, definitely check out SpanishDict. They have great Spanish translation from 3 different sources, and other good, free stuff. Good luck!


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