Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Morning skies like strawberry whip cream!

This morning as DH was headed off to work I noticed the sunrise was going to be a beauty so I leaped up the stairs to retrieve my camera. I took several photos and this was the least blurred one. You get the idea of why I had to capture this sunrise. As always, the colors were much more intense in person. I wish I had taken photography class in school like DS because I love capturing natures beauty in the moment. I also wish I had a professional camera but.....
Anyway, on to the beauty....the red and white lights are all I could capture of DH on his motorcycle headed off to work. It seems too early for one to go off to work however he does return home before 3:00 when others are still working so I guess that's a good trade off??? Especially during Summer months when it is so hot.
The following photos are the changes as the sun is rising across the field this may bore some of you but I had to capture as much as I could because it was just too beautiful to miss any of it.

At this moment it appeared the sky was filled with strawberry whip cream. I could imagine getting a finger full.

The sun is almost up.................time to check on Angell. I left her on the porch swing. Lets go see her.......up the front walkway......there's my baby!Please excuse the blurred photo, I was chuckling at her expression. It seems she doesn't think it is too funny to be swooped from her warm cozy bed to sit on a porch and watch the sky change colors. Sorry Angell! At least I bundled her up in her grandpa's tiger blanket. Gosh we've had that blanket for 22 years!!!
It isn't cold out but she is a delicate flower you know,LOL. Yeah right, and I'm a prima donna!

Actually it was a perfect morning with cool dry air. Just right for a porch dweller.

I could sit there all day however I must finish my presentation for this evening. I also want to whip up a batch of peanut butter fudge for the guild picnic. I can't go empty handed even if I was invited as a just isn't proper in my book. Besides, I'm anxious to try out a recipe Laney's niece shared with me. Hers was soooo good.

I hope you all have a strawberry whip cream sky kind of day!


  1. You drive me crazy! You are so busy and productive, and yet you find the time to photograph sunrises. And those mid-western skies are just the most brilliant! On top of everything else, you whip up a batch of fudge? Talk about making the rest of feel inadequate! ;-)

  2. The sky was beautiful this morning! I sure wish I'd thought to take pictures. I'm glad you did!

  3. Beautiful pictures Pat..
    it would be hard to believe if we saw them in a painting;;
    Isn't Angel a cutie....I wish I had one of those swings.... I woould spend many hours on it as I am sure you do..
    Good luck to-night and BTW You make fudge!!!!!! It is something Ai never mastered in all my years, but one of my daughters makes the BEST peanut butter fudge.. sigh..... now I'm hungry!!!

  4. What a glorious start to the day!
    So, are you going to share this fudge recipe? Hmmmmm? lol

  5. The sky pictures are fabulous-I love looking at the colorsThanks for sharing. Leslie

  6. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Your sunrise pictures are just stunning Pat, well done. Sometimes you just have to stop to smell the roses (and photograph the sky!) don't you? Now I sound all philosophical, VBG, but you know what I mean. Life is too short and unpredictable so we should enjoy every moment. Thanks for sharing,

  8. Pat - thank you for sharing your sunrise photos and the beginnings of your day...are you thinking the colors of the skies would make beautiful hand dyed silk ribbons?!!


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