Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MOO mini cards

For those of you who wanted to try putting your work on the mini MOO cards like I slip in my packages, just email me and I will give you a code when you buy them and you get free shipping if you order before August 31st!!!!!!!!!! If I get 3 friends to order, I receive a pack free.

You can put any info on the back that you wish. I put a picture of my work on one side and name, addy, website,etc, on the back and use as a business card. They are fun to make too. You get 100 mini cards for $20 .They ship fast too. Just wanted to pass this on to fellow bloggers/artists. :-)


  1. Hi Pat,
    I LOVE these little cards. Some of the artists that I buy from use them too.. Would love to get some, but I doubt the free shipping applies to Canada.. No matter, I would buy some anyway..
    I will email you..

  2. I have enjoyed them as well. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Please hoop me up ! :}

  3. Pat, how did you get them to print so MANY pictures on the back? Do they allow you a variety, then mix 'em up? Or do they take a large piece/picture and cut it into "bites" for the card backs? I'm seriously considering some of these cards because they fit PERFECTLY into those Eclipse Mint tins, and they would be fun to decorate, LOL. Hugs, Cathy

  4. ~*I am interested!!!*~
    Did you already have too many people interested?


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