Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MOO card info

Apparently you do not have to order the mini MOO cards, you can order anything however I love the little MOO mini cards and thought many of you would as well. So.....if you do order, just type in the code TYDAEW where it asks for it and you will get free shipping. When you use my code, I get a point and when I get three points, I get free cards. If you order, I would love to exchange cards with you.

NOTE~When you are designing your cards, it is quite simple. They allow you to upload up to 100 of your pictures, which I do. Once I uploaded 50 so I got 2 of each photo on the front of my cards since you get 100 cards. Now....after you upload the photos you want, you get to preview them and make sure they are the sections of your photo that you want printed. You just move your photo around within the specified area. They center it pretty well and I rarely have to move it around unless I had a different area in mind.
Go to and play around with it. They said free regular rate shipping, so I assume that means US and Canada both. You don't have to actually order until you are happy with the results. No strings attached. They are quick and courteous and from France I believe. The quality is as good as your own photo, remember that. If it is grainy, your card will be grainy, if it is washed out, your card will be too. I know you will love the quality of these little cards. They have a matte laminate and are almost waterproof. They fit in a little case you can order, or make one from a mint/gum tin like I did. Put your art on your art card case!!!!!!



  1. Great cards...thanks for the info.

    Please come to my blog I am having a pendant giveaway. It is one of my wooden pendants with my art in it. Custom made isn't it fun!

  2. Your MOO cards are great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Pat,
    Can you hear me "mooing?" LOL
    I got my order done... Took awhile but I am excited about it, and yes Canada gets to free shipping which saved me over $6.00. so thanks for the code..

  4. I've been meaning to this this is the push I needed... Did I miss your code somewhere...?

    Gerry K.

  5. These are simply MOOOOOvalous ~ hehe ~ it's way past my bedtime but just put my order in!
    Free shipping saved me over $5.00!!
    Now I will go count cows ~ i mean sheep .......zzzzzzzzzzzz
    Sweet Dreams


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