Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missing my sidebar links.... grumbling...you may not want to read this.

Since I removed my links from the blog sidebar and moved them to a blog of their own, my blog just doesn't seem the same to me. I need my friends close, so I have been doing a lot of thinking and decided that I am putting them back. I see everyone still has theirs with no problems or complaints, so this must have been an isolated incident. I enjoy browsing when time permits, and to open a new blog to browse from just isn't the same. I did remove my music upon request from a friend outside the US because her computer froze trying to read my blog. Understandable.
Therefore,if your link to my blog is causing you problems, just let me know and I will remove it from my sidebar.
I just gotta make my blog the way it best suits me because....it is my blog! :-)

Today was a great sunny day to swim so in between cleaning house, laundry, baking a big choc cake for DS, and painting my iron tea set for the front porch, I floated and caught a bit too many rays.

Yesterday however.....I awoke feeling nauseated and with a headache..the first bad one in a long time. I went to the Dr. at 7:30 AM for a mole removal. I got up early, showered and shampooed , got nervous anticipating a needle and the cutting of skin, got to the Dr.s office, was first one there....waited...waited...five people were called before me(how is this possible if I had the first appointment and was first to sign in???) Finally was called, weighed in, sat in cubicle reading a magazine about removing moles with duct tape (ironic) and then my doctor came in , looked at my mole and told me to make an appointment for removal. What??????????????????????????
I thought that was what I did two weeks ago?????????????????? Nerve wrecking, skin cutting, mole removal prep for no reason.
Now I am a pretty passive person, but this really made me angry especially since I felt so bad. Now I have an appointment in two weeks to have it removed. Two more weeks of sleepless nights, anxiety and a pesky mole to deal with. Not to mention two office calls. ARGH! I mean come on, I was right there and specified I wanted the mole removed that day when I made the appointment. What was unclear about that? Thank goodness I really like my doctor. She is sweet and helped me through a tough time when my father passed away.

Ok, had to vent. This is why today I took the day off to clean, float, and do whatever I wanted and nothing I didn't. Which I accomplished very well thank you!

DS had a 4 hour interview in Michigan today and I thought he would enjoy a chocolate cake when he returned home, so while I was cooking chicken for chicken salad, I baked him one. Then I grabbed a book I bought at a yard sale last month and headed to the pool. I shouldn't have, but I put on a sun visor and read it while floating..I know, very bad for the eyes. It was so relaxing though. So was the glass of wine that followed me down there..oops!
Now I am off to jump in a bubble bath , watch Saving Grace, then finish the book which I will share tomorrow.
Have a nice evening.Thanks for listening!


  1. Yaay! I'm glad you're going to put the links back, I always enjoy looking at your blog, and then browsing the other blogs you show on here! Thanks~

  2. I love to browse too! It is a nice way to stay up to speed with everyone and to make new friends.

  3. I'm so glad that you are putting your sidebar back..Your blog is my absolute favorite one to follow and all the great ones you have listed...Sounds like you had a great day..Looking forward to hearing about your book!!!! Skye

  4. Floating and reading is one of my most favorite ways to unwind! And a pampering bath at the end of the day?? I'm quite sure this is what we will be doing in heaven.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  5. Hi, yes it is your blog and you should be able to put on it what you like! I never had problems with links on my blog.
    But I am glad you removed the music, it took sooooo long time to get your blog up. Thanks :) Ati.

  6. I'm sorry about your dr's appointment. And I know what you mean about-why didn't they remove your mole while you were there? I hope everything goes well when it finally happens-I don't like going to the dr. I don't like working with them either-LOL-Leslie

  7. The medical system can be so frustrating. But I'm glad you know how to relax your troubles away!

    I, for one, won't miss the music. I always put my computer on mute before browsing blogs anyway. But you do have a great list of favorite blogs so I'm glad you decided to restore it.

  8. I just love this post. It's like I am right there with you. More later. Sharon

  9. Does Saving Grace have Craig Ferguson in it? If it is the one I'm thinking of, that movie made all of us laugh!

    I wonder if you had a 'shared file' that caused the robot problem. Some shared files cause issues --- usually a regular link would be fine to use.

    I'm still pondering that issue!

  10. Pat, I'm glad your going to put your links sidebar back...I had to remove my music also from my blog...it does cause them to take a long time to load.
    What beautiful pics in your post!

  11. The whole mole thing...what a mess...sorry you have go through all this again...but it sounds you had the right atttude and spent a nice quiet time in the pool!

  12. Hi Pat,
    OK, Now I know the "mole" story.. You poor dear.... so frustrating, but don't worry about it, It is really EZ-PZ.
    BTW I had to remove the music off my blog as it caused problems for visitors. Too bad I I really enjoyed listenening... Oh Well....
    The chocolate cake sounded so good but my diabetes cringed!! VBG
    Have a great day

  13. Dear Pat how I felt for you at the Drs...wanted to hold your hand :O)
    Next time you go it will be easy peesy and you will have wondered why you worried! We shall all be sending big courage hugs along.

    I am glad to hear you know how to relax too..floating sounded lovely.
    I live right beside the sea ( but oh the water is freezing even in July ochhh!)so I have to go to indoor swim pool how stupid that is lol!
    Hugs from Pam UK


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