Friday, July 17, 2009

I love St. Joe Michigan,tag sales.... photos...kinda long.

Yesterday I took a ride with mom to St Joe MI, our favorite spot for a quick getaway. It was a beautiful day and we hit some yard sales on the way. I found some fun items I didn't need. I found this beautiful serving plate for $1.00 that would be great for cookies. For those of you being the only female in your family, you know how important it is to slip in a bit of pretty accents to satisfy your femininity when you can. My guys will eat cookies off of anything,LOL.

I love Capodimonte porcelain items because of the visible fingerprints,and lucked out when I found this large candle holder for $1.00.
At another sale I found these sweet tiny bisque children which came in a big bag of miniatures for 50 cents.I love the little fella with the blue sailboat. I wonder what the purpose of such small figures were for?

I had to have this beautiful salt shaker fo $1.00. I will use it for hatpins.

This Shabby looking small dish and cute book were too sweet to leave behind.

We ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant in St. Joe and I had to get a box of green tea. I could have sat and drank tea all day.

As I browsed an antique shop across the street, mom ran in the malt shop next door for a drink and came out with a piece of turtle fudge for me (see the little white bag beside her). Oh gosh how I didn't want to eat it.....but I did. Yum!
The town was preparing for Venetian night so the street along the lake was blocked off to traffic and we didn't get to swing. Just as well, it was getting quite warm out so we headed toward home. A few more sales and a quick stop at the store then home we went.

When I dropped mom off she made me wait a minute and came out with this beautiful plant for me. She said it was for the "Shabby" dining room.
When I arrived home,DH was starting the grill and saw I was hot and needed a swim so he scooted me out the door. I floated a bit and big dark clouds rolled in. I hopped out and ran in for the keys to unlock the barn so I could start mowing and possibly beat the rain. Not 10 minutes into mowing, the sun popped out again. Oh well, I was still in my swim suit and cool so I finished the job. After two hours I was ready for another dip. DH didn't even know I had mowed so that was a nice surprise for him.
Feeling refreshed again, I trimmed the garden and watered the flowers then clouds began to roll in...... again. A strange weather day for certain. We did eventually get a slight bit of rain but not enough to help the plants so I'm glad I watered.

I cleaned up...walked into my studio...and found this mess........lesson learned...
Never use a rubber band to secure a container full of sequins or beads. Oh my! I picked up as much as I could and the rest went into the vacuum with the dust bunnies. I have a friend who would have picked every sequin up, but I no longer have patience for that. It was my mixed class pack anyway, no big loss.

Speaking of stash and yard sales, the glass holder from a sale last month made a great caddy for my tubes of small embellishments.

Today I had plans to play with Jilly however I must run an errand with mom and then catch up with the small projects. I thought we could stop at the beach before or after errands however there are two escaped prisoners in the area. They were spotted yesterday at the Beverly Shores train station(my beach area), so NO lake today!!! Darn prisoners! I wish they would close down the Michigan City prison and move it to Indianapolis.

On the way to the mail box this morning I took my camera to get a picture of the unusual annual.. but stumbled upon this treat by the sidewalk. Spider webs never cease to amaze me. I walked down by the woods to check on a flower I saw the other day. It was gone so I turned and took a pic of my home from a distance. Can you see Angell? She gave up following me because her feet were wet from dew. She hates wet feet,LOL.

Back to the porch, I snapped a picture of bird nests mom had given me earlier this Spring. That enticed me to go on a bird nest hunt through my house...a few of my nest treasures...

I have two weeks off from painting and intend on taking full advantage of the time. I purchased some new download image sheets and am itching to play with them, and I added some things for sale on my website. Something I haven't done before. I do want to fill my artfire and etsy shops with some new kits and such too. If only I could twitch my nose like Samantha in Bewitched!

Ok,ok...the boss said it's time to get off here. See ya later.


  1. Wow Pat. I am amazed at how much you constantly are able to accomplish in just one short day!!! I love all of your treasures you found along your way. The tiny bisque figures are the best. Sweet Angell.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I see you had another fun filled day and what treasures you found along the way... Looks like an awful lot of grass to cut!! LOL
    Lucky you have a pool to cool off in.... We had one when we lived in the city but we never bothered putting one in at our new house, but every hot day I miss it terribly as I stand in the shower to cool off!!LOL
    Little Angell is sure a sweetie..

  3. Pat, I now see another way we can get together for a visit! We love to ride over to St. Joe (2 to 3 hours for us) to shop the used book stores, the antique shop, and the garage sales! We probably won't get over there until later in the year but wouldn't it be fun to connect. Although we may have to to "rock, paper, scissors" to see who gets all the great garage sale finds since we both love the same things!

  4. Wait! I guess I was thinking of South Haven...Maybe St. Joe is a bit further?

  5. What beautiful finds! Sounds like you have had a great couple of days. The weather has been a little strange. Sure hope they catch the escapees so that you can get back to your beach time. I know I will feel better once they are caught. Looking forward to seeing your new kits.

  6. It sounds like you had a fabulous day! Love all the goodies you found!

    I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in!

  7. OHHHHH The tiny bisque figures are the best.
    Love your post !
    Rini the Netherlands

  8. What treasures and such a beautiful day you had. Love your gardens. My lawn is drying up somewhat. We have been asked to save water. I think they are really worried about forrest fires as am I. I have been trying to clear under brush from our woods. We really need rain. I know that sounds strange coming from WA but it is so dry. So I do enjoy your fun adventures and your wonderful garden. Have a great weekend dear friend. Sharon

  9. Pat - Here's a suggestion for the next time you drop or spill beads or sequins- an easy way to pick up every one quickly and easily. Put a piece of pantihose over the end of your vacuum nozzle. Hold in place or secure with an elastic. Turn vacuum on and hold over your spill. The beads will all be "caught" on the pantihose. Now hold nozzle over your bead container and turn off the power- beads will drop into the container. Couldn't be easier!


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