Friday, July 24, 2009

Housewife bliss....................

This moment was too funny not to photograph. I headed upstairs this morning wearing my ancient cut off sweat pants, huge white men's dress shirt,with one white rubber glove on my scrubbing hand (I wasn't trying to impersonate Michael..we miss you Michael),
a laundry basket with clean towels, a mop, and two dusters (one in pocket). I felt like Ethel the maid, and it made me smile...then I got the bright idea to go put on an apron and get a pic for my blogging friends. Proof that I do clean my own house,LOL. With foot on toilet, this is me looking forlorn.....
then just thinking of what all needs cleaned........then me asking for HELP!!!
I can't believe none of you heard me and rushed over!!!!

After cleaning upstairs, I started in on the laundry. Around 9:45 the phone rang. It was the nurse at mom's doctors office asking if I was preparing lunch for the Queen. For a moment I was puzzled then realized that mom must be on her way. She said she may stop by after her Dr.'s appointment this morning. She gets along too well with the nurses at the office as you can tell.

Thankfully I had prepared chicken salad last night so I cleaned myself up very quickly (3 minutes) then washed my hands and threw together chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, pickles and honey wheat pretzels. I went to my Hoosier and took out my pink depression glass plates.
We enjoyed our little feast in the shabby dining room. Mom loved sitting at her mother's table again and started telling stories. After-wards we headed upstairs to the studio. I had received many new beauties to show her. (Next post)

It was a lovely morning that I hadn't planned for...the best kind!
By the way, DS got the job with Whirlpool in MI and we are taking him out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I have lots to share with you next post!!!

Enjoy your day, and leave the cleaning til tomorrow!


  1. Love, love love the pictures!!! Can you come help me?? I'm a frustrate "housekeeper". That means I can't keep anything clean. Does dust grow?? I'm sure it does,and things jump out of place while I'm at work-or it's my cat moving things-she'd messy-LOL!Thanks for sharing-you're brave--Hugs Leslie

  2. You look to cute to be cleaning. I heard you but I couldn't get there in time! I am back to staining logs before this weekend when it is suppost to be close to 100 (here in the foothills. Do you hire out.... just kidding. Sharon

  3. Housework!! AAAh(ugh). There is a wonderful sculpture at our art gallery(Adelaide), showing a lady with laundry basket on her hip, rollers in her hair, and duster in pocket etc.It is one of my favourite sculptures, and your pose is just like the sculpture.It feels great to have things clean and tidy, but the TIME it takes. These days I "clean as I go".

  4. Hi Pat

    Tell your son congratulations on his new job and you must be very happy to have him still in the area. It must have been the chocolate cake you baked for him on interview day. My heart goes out to all these college grads who went to school with such hope and enthusiasm and now can't get jobs. I hope this ends soon for all the people out of jobs. It is a disaster.

    You do look cute through the looking glass.



  5. Pat you never fail to make me smile one way or another!!!!Wish I could have come but you were too far away!!You looked cute as a button!
    Hate it and as soon as my abode is presentable (I tend to be untidy!! but my DH is so neat and organized he tries to keep me in line!! HA! opposites attract so I've been told!)I am interviewing some help!!(Needs to be tidy! don't want to frighten them away) VBG..... but I am serious!
    What a lovely way to spend some time with your Mom and hearing stories..
    BTW I got my mini Moo cards to-day....they are sooooo cute, I love them and thanks for the heads up!

    So Happy to hear your son got the job... Boy that is a lucky day,
    and a definite reason for a celebration..

  6. Great Pics! Congrats to your son on getting the job!!!

  7. Love the pics, and congratulations to your son. I didn't hear your cry for help, as I was cleaning myself! Sorry...

  8. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!! I look like that when I am cleaning too, too funny!!

  9. Pat, you look beautiful as always! Congrats to your son, too....that is wonderful news.


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