Thursday, July 09, 2009

Excited about CQ interest

I can't help but feel excited as I see and hear about interest in crazy quilting. Wednesday night's presentation went well.Around 46 ladies attended the meeting. My friend Jill was there and was so helpful. She passed out info and helped those who needed a bit of guidance. It was wonderful to have an assistant with so many in attendance. Jill also took photos for me which was great! Thanks Jilly! I appreciate your encouragement and support.
The String-along quilt guild has a wonderful group of talented and super sweet members. It was enjoyable meeting more of them and seeing a few familiar faces from those who had attended my previous classes. I met a woman who is itching to crazy quilt and I hope she calls because she definitely has the desire.

Starting the presentation.....
Here are some of the members all ready to stitch....
As they work..........
It was a great experience to share once again with this guild and by the way,the peanut butter fudge was a hit. The recipe was shared although I was embarrassed because it was such an easy recipe. For those who asked for it, here it is...don't laugh.
1/2 bag vanilla candy melts
1/2 bag choc candy melts
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
Microwave the candy melts, stir, then stir in peanut butter. Pour into mini muffin cups and let set. Try to find the best quality candy melts you can for a smooth candy.


  1. Lucky ladies to have you teach them to crazy quilt. You would have had 47 students if I lived closer. I keep hoping that I will learn to CQ just by reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful and amazing items you create. :o) Thank you for the PB Fudge recipe!

  2. Hi Pat..
    What a great gathering to hear about CQ.Looks like a wonderful evening...
    They are lucky to have you..
    BTW For the fudge..... What is candy melts?


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