Saturday, July 18, 2009


You will find I have removed all blog links from my sidebar. I recently discovered the following written from IT specialists .....
I've finally uncovered the culprit to the immense traffic on your new site, as well as the potential perpetrator to the spamming issue you had. There is a blog that is causing MASSIVE traffic issues, and not in a good way. Sure, visitors and hits are a good thing, but the sheer volume of bots (robots or automated attacks) is astounding. I've talked with a few guys in the IT department here, and they were amazed that no one is doing anything about it.
So, my question for you is, do you know this person who has this blog? She has a link to you in her sidebar on the left hand side. If you know her, I don't want to jeopardize anything, but wondering if you would mind asking her to remove the link to your site? The hits are in the 10's of THOUSANDS generated from that site, almost entirely from bots using it as a gateway."

...thanks to a blogging friend so I removed all links so you do not have the same problem. I have your links listed for my personal use.

However, in it's place I added publications sharing my work. I hope it helps those of you who enjoy the magazines.
Have a great weekend...................


  1. How very strange! It's so annoying that people use the Internet for devious purposes. Thanks for hosting the puzzle swap. After digging through a month's worth of mail, I found mine. Nice. Looking forward to that last piece. ;)

  2. because I'm a geek/blogger and crafter, can you email me ( and explain more about this to me? It sounds REALLY suspect - but if it is a problem I really want to know about it. Do you mind? (you don't have to air all the dirty laundry here - just email me)

  3. I shall miss the blogs you followed... I always checked out a few each time and found some great sites I wouldn't have found otherwise... You had some great ones.... Still will follow you tho... Gerry Krueger

  4. Pat I have never heard of such a thing. I hope someone is not "pulling your leg" so to speak. I love being able to visit other blogs on your lists. I think this is so sad. Sharon

  5. Pat it's always something....Thanks for posting this info....will file it just in case I ever come across the same your new look too!


  6. I will miss the convenience of clicking on my blog links however I do not want to cause anyone the same problem as my friend had. If for some reason this is a farce, I will add the links again. I know my friend was just requesting what the IT crew told her, and she would not pass on something false intentionally.
    Until then, I will play it safe. My son could possibly check this out for me too.

  7. Well, your page did load faster. A LOT faster.

    I remember an email from someone with a blog that sounded like that but I ignored it. When someone asks me to link to their blog, I generally ignore it. I add only the ones I actually go to.

  8. Oh I checked out many of the links you had listed. When you find a great site, THEY usually have like minded sites. It's always fun to find friends that way! Hope it ends up as a farce...

  9. that is the most odd thing I've ever heard. Maybe you picked up a cookie or something that caused that sort of krap. A good virus sweep should resolve that -- along with disabling cookies for awhile. I'll have to ask DH about this --- I have never heard such a thing.

    (we use a free AVG that has been great to use for virus protection)


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