Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Accomplishing little

I have decided that someone must be putting something in my tea because I cannot seem to accomplish anything no matter how busy I am. I must pass out for hours and not remember. Can anyone out there relate to that?

For the past three and a half days I have been painting white walls so you know I really needed a color "fix" so out came my dyes. 300 yds of silk ribbon later and I feel better. These are mainly solid colors (boring) while I am sleeping tonight I will dye mottled and pox.....They are ironed and are being carded.

This morning I was at the dentist getting my crown replaced.A few months ago I was eating seedless watermelon and chipped it. Don't ask me how, it just happened. Anyway it is now replaced with a nice shinynew one and I am good to go. Just in time for my stitch presentation tomorrow evening for the String-along quilt guild. After that is over my attention turns to 12 charms, puzzle pieces, some friends gifties and a commissioned item. All fun things. I decided to drift along until I get back to "no obligation" mode before joining the two local groups I had planned on joining last month. It just makes sense to join when my plate isn't overflowing. I want to start with a fresh mind.

Yesterday I took time off to grocery shop. Yes, the fun chore everybody loves to do. I swear prices have doubled since last week. Wow! I had to recover by stopping at Michael's and found some fun things to play with.
I love these garment pins. They are so cute and unique. I'm trying to think of how I could use them in my charm making. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....gotta think about that one a bit.

~~~~I wanted to let those concerned about the fawn that was being chased by the coyote know that it has been back and has a sibling. They have been back a few times and are happy, healthy, and unharmed. However , I haven't seen any sign of the mother. I hope it isn't another orphan issue like a few years ago. :-( Poor babies.

Hopefully I will have some new projects to share next week. A good friend of mom's is arriving Friday to visit for a long weekend so I will most likely be at mom's with them chit-chatting most days which means no or very little blogging. So behave until then and I'll catch ya later.


  1. Hi Pat: I think you are amazing and always accomplish so many things in a very short amount of time. I love your hand dyed silk ribbons. What great finds at Michaels and I have never seen garment pins like you got. I look forward to seeing the charms you make with them. Love to follow your blogs. Enjoy your visiting.

  2. Hi Pat..
    Good to hear you survived the "Painting" a necessary evil eh??
    I love your finds at Michaels... Never heard of those pins so I have no idea how you would use them, but i love the silk leaves....Lots of fun there and the wee birds and nests willl have the perfect home I am sure....
    I had a bit of a smile come over me when I envisioned you with white paint smudges on your face and a chipped crown~~~~
    Well my dear I best go,
    I went shopping with DH to-day for a new lawnmower. Quite a drive to get there and then it wasn't what he thought it was...
    So we bought a new patio set, cushions and a chaise instead.... A better deal as far as I am concerned!! haha
    Now if the cool rainy weather would just go away!!!!!
    Take care and have a good visit with your mom...

  3. Something in your tea and then you show us 300 yards of perfectly dyed ribbon done after 3 days of painting and dentist appt. Give me some of that tea paleezzz! Have a fun weekend and if I can get some good photos(camera acting up) I'll be back to posting. Sharon

  4. Hi Pat,
    I have always wondered how you iron those silk ribbons. Do you have a special technique to do many at a time?

  5. Wow! Look at all those gorgeous flat silk ribbons!


    Oh, excuse me!

  6. Wow, Stunning and gorgeous ribbon. Silk Ribbon is one of my all time favorite things.Your ribbon turned out so nicely:)

  7. The ribbons have beautiful colors !! Love them .

    Rini The Netherlands


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