Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sharing finds

Good morning all!
The sun is playing hide"n"seek with the clouds this morning but it is going to be a perfect day for a party! Speaking of sunshine , this is a picture of mom two weeks ago smiling from receiving the beautiful doll brooch from Judith McCarthy of AU. She wears it on everything. Some of you ask where I get my energy.....well here is the woman who can run circles around me at 80 years of mother. I swear her dad must have been the energizer bunny!!!! Proof that age is just a number.

I took advantage of some free time after breakfast to snap some pics to share as promised. I can't believe I haven't shared any pics of my Hoosier cabinet from my neighbors sale last month. I am amazed at the many storage areas in this beauty. I have imagined meals prepared, pies made, bowls and tea things stored, and the stories told in the kitchen where this once resided when newly purchased. Much like my own grandmother's Hoosier which unlike mine, was complete with the flour mill still in working order. I think my cousin has it but I'm not sure. I hope she does because I know grandma loved that cabinet. It was always in use when we visited.

Here is my treasure repainted but in need of a few touch ups because I was too impatient to let the paint dry before closing the doors too soon allowing paint to pull off when opened..oops! You can see what I mean on the bottom left door hinge area.
My pink glass collection which is random pieces found or given to me through the past 30 years has found a home in the top area.I am now on a mission to gather all my plates together and finish collecting a set of 8.I think I have six so far.
I love the tin shelves which I couldn't bring myself to paint. One side stores my tea bag squeezers, tongs and tiny tea spoons...... which were a gift when I opened my tea shop years ago...very short lived as the owner sold the building because of health problems. I did get to host several tea parties including a 100th year birthday party, baby and wedding teas, and a Children's tea plus many lunches during the time I was open. I learned the huge amount of work involved in running a tea shop but loved every moment. I made scones and fresh lemon curd each morning. I sometimes take out the guest book and read the posts and try to remember the faces and smiles. It was such a fun experience to have had the pleasure to enjoy. Patrons who frequent a tea shop are in a delightful mood to begin with and are ready to experience a relaxed environment and a bit of pampering. Two things I enjoy offering.

The tin shelves on the opposite side stores honey bottles which were a promo for the "BEE" Movie.
My bowls from yesterday. As you can see, I splurged on these,LOL. Can you believe the price? I had to leave on the price tag for fun. The bottom signature is "Ballerina" perfect is that? Then my sweet little creamy white crackled bowl. How many pancake batters were beaten in this?
Here I have my vintage hat from which I may salvage the applique's for crazy quilting...when I find the nerve to remove them. It probably will end up on a hat stand in the dining/tea room.
Next, the doilies...........these will be used, not cut apart for CQ. Did I tell you I caught a fairy? Apparently she was curious about living in the glass house in the center of my table. This shall remain her home nestled among the eggs as she observes many future tea parties.
I removed the dark fabric behind the Victrola cabinet scrolling and replaced it with vintage sheet music found at an antique shop. I thought it was appropriate and different.
Well, I must take a walk through the garden , vacuum the pool and get ready for a party! See you soon!


  1. Your hoosier cabinet and pink glass collection are both lovely! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. So inpsiring! :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely couple of days. Everything is just beautiful. I finished up my needlebook!! It was lots of fun! Thanks so much!!! I have an idea for my next project all ready. Pics on my blog.

  3. Love your hoosier! It turned out beautifully!

  4. Thanks for sharing your home. Now I must say I know where your good looks come from. Your mom is a sweetheart and will you look at that smile and her gorgeous hair. You are so lucky to have her. I miss my mother more than words could ever express. Have fun at your party. I learn more about you all the time. The mistress of a tea shop. Is there anything you can't do. Hug to you, Sharon

  5. I can just picture you in your Tea shop surrounded by all of the things that you love!!!
    Tell your MOM that she is a star- what a gorgeous woman!!! Love your finds and the hoosier is wonderful - I would not ahve painted the tin shelves either!!
    I am sure that you party was wonderful!

  6. Pat,
    My mum is 72 and she runs rings around me. She has always been like that, very energetic.
    Your Mum looks like a sweety too.
    We are both lucky to have them with us. My Mum lives in a different state but we try to see one another as often as possible.

  7. Love your antique finds! What fun. And your cabinet is great!


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