Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy First day of Summer/Father's Day!

Happy First Day of Summer to whom it applies. This "pin up" is my mother. She was having photos taken for beauty pageant but didn't like the experience and dropped out. Yeah mom!I thought a bathing beauty was appropriate for the first day of Summer.

I hope Summer doesn't fly by. Spring was very wet however my garden was never so bountiful. Everything grew so tall and the large beautiful blooms greeted me almost daily.

Yesterday I finally took a swim, but mostly floated and daydreamed. My peaceful moment was interrupted by loud rustling in the woods, then a small fawn darted by the pool and seconds later an adult fox was chasing after it. I started splashing and making noise to startle the fox so the fawn could gain some distance however that darn fox didn't even glance my way. My heart pounded and I felt sick as I anticipated the familiar squeal of the poor baby. Thankfully the eerie sound didn't happen and I tried thinking of something pleasant such as projects I need to finish up. Before long I couldn't relax anymore and sat in the sun for a bit to dry off before heading in.

It was very warm and humid yesterday and the only comfortable place to be outside was in water.It made this....look welcome...almost!
I bet the beaches were packed. My "cave dwellers" remained indoors and I couldn't coax them out except to start the grill. The evening cooled and I sat on the front porch and worked on projects. This beauty was right in front to greet me. My Clematis is just starting to bloom.
I also took a walk though the garden and discovered these deer prints..Last night after the rain the deer must have visited the garden as well.which only made me think of the poor fawn and that darn fox. Maybe I'll take the attack whistle with me from now on. That will surely startle the fox.

It is hot and humid again today and DS is about to order his father's favorite ribs, so I have been finishing projects and trying to keep myself busy until after lunch. Then it's pool time because it may rain again and I am trying to swim as much as possible.(I'm experimenting)

I hope you are having a nice day. Stay cool! Happy Father's Day to your hubbies and dads.


  1. That is a cute photo of your Mom.

    I hope the fawn is okay.

    Your clematis is beautiful! Love the snowy picture.

  2. Pat,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog entry! For many reasons because so much of what you mentioned applies to me and my personality! First off, i love pin up girls, the old fashion ones. Your mom is just gorgeous! Then I identified so much with laying in a pool only to be happily greeted by a little fawn but i'd be terribly sick if i saw a fox chasing it and had to hear the attacking. I am a big animal lover and in my world (in my little head) animals don't attack one another, they all coexist in harmony eating only the grass lol!

    Thanks for the good read. Happy summer solstice to you as well!


  3. Anonymous8:31 PM CDT

    Not to worry. fox do not STALK deer, they might eat the remnants of a larger predators kill in a scavenger mode... but they are quite ball-ess in the preying catagory!

  4. Anonymous,I certainly hope you are right. That fox was running after him. Perhaps the fawn came to close to her den of cubs ???? I would like to think that was the case, and not hunger. Thanks for the info.

  5. Mom was HOT ~ and still is!


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