Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good morning!!!

I think I am back in the groove of things now. After being away from my garden for four days I see it from a different perspective. I guess that goes for everything, including the way we think. Refreshing ones self is something I highly recommend. I plan on doing it more often and am considering a possible week in Florida with Jilly bean in October. She wants to veg out on the beach and stash shop. I would be nuts not to take her up on that. I know it would be a comfortable trip like the PA trip with Laney. I need to decide very soon so we can get tickets early though. Oh what to do...........

I knew a trip to the beach would be first on my agenda, so mom suggested a stroll and off we went. It was chilly and overcast, but the lake's magical powers called to us and we braved the weather and took a walk. The waves were pretty big and the shoreline had shrunk as the water was high and made it impossible to continue down the shoreline without stepping in the cold water. We chose to turn around and call it quits, but not without finding many mermaid's tears, and my special blue piece :-).

This morning I am greeted by this pile of envelopes on my studio floor. Puzzle pieces from around the globe. I will be swapping these out this evening with DH and hopefully getting them shipped off to their recipients this week. I want to make sure everyone who participated has sent them before I end this round of the swap.

I must get things in order and prepare for a private crazy quilt class on Saturday. Two sweet new friends, Karol and Lelia want to learn cq and will be making a needle book. They took my Inner Child Doll class and I am excited to teach them all I can about cq ,however these two are exquisite needlewomen and their work is perfection. They will laugh when they find cq is all about expressing yourself freely with no patterns or rules and mistakes can be turned into happy surprises.I can only imagine the beautiful things they will create with this technique.
I hope they enjoy it.

After a garden walk this morning, I must update my garden blog, so off I go to do that before assembling the four puzzle pieces I worked on in PA. I wish you all a pleasant Wednesday (or Thursday for AU friends) :-)


  1. Oh those walks along the beach, how I'd love to go with you! Beautiful beach glass pieces!

  2. Looking forward to Saturday. Sounds like you had a nice trip!

  3. Goodmorning Pat...
    Nothing like a walk on the beach and finding more mermaid's tears as a bonus to such spendour..
    Good luck with your CQ class....

  4. welcome back ... I cannot wait to have our class & learn CQ techniques

  5. Good morning Sunshine:) It's always such fun to stop by, Bert would be green if he knew of your walks along the beach whenever you want:)


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