Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun with mom and somewhat productive Saturday

Yesterday I straightened the house, braided my hair, took Angell potty then picked mom up at 7:30 and we headed toward Michigan. We didn't have a set destination, just a plan to stop wherever we wanted which first happened in New Buffalo when we saw a bright pink yard sale sign. We followed the directions toward the lake and through one of my favorite neighborhoods spotted with beautiful huge beach homes of every design.
The cottage style home which the signs led to was charming with a driveway filled with wonderful things. If I had room in my home I would have came home with a rented trailer filled with the most unique furniture.
I wasn't bold enough to take photos, but boy did I want to.I headed straight for a gorgeous antique ladies desk with carved rope trim and beautiful feet which had a tag of only $15. Mom had to remind me that I didn't have room. A Victorian wicker patio set with planter which was a steal at $50. I have seen the same one for over $500.00. There were any kind of coffee maker you could imagine, coffee and tea pots, crystal, oh......just too much to list, all so cheap you could easily think prices were a joke. I bought two basket totes for my studio. a Rosamund Pilcher book, a doily, a pretty embroidered clutch, and an old wooden ladies cane with decorative metal top.

Mom found a beautiful desk lamp and a bird feeder and I forgot what else she bought at that one. She said if we didn't find another all day, she would be content. The people were so friendly too, which isn't always the case in that area.
After getting back on Red Arrow highway (Hwy 12) we began finding one sale after the other making our way toward St. Joe. I happily came away from one place with two old charming bowls for my Hoosier. One was a beautiful robin egg blue color, the other creamy white stoneware with aged crackles.

We stopped at an antique shop which we never do in MI because they are usually very high. Again, as fate would have it, I found a nun music box for my friend Laney. She collects nuns and this one was was nice I thought. Doing a bit of research online this morning, I found I paid too much however, Laney will enjoy it, and I had a thrill discovering it for her. Besides, it still works. I also found two smaller nuns singing at a great price. I can't wait to give them to her.

I pulled off the road to take a picture of my favorite St. Joe home. I have loved this house for years. Too bad it is so close to the road and a telephone pole is in the front yard. The back yard goes down to the beach. Oh me oh my!!!!!! I would sit on that porch every morning after a walk along the beach.Look at the iron work details. One day I will stop and talk to the owner....when I get brave. We drove through town which always feels like we are on vacation far away from home. I should have taken pictures I know. We should have stopped for lunch at one of the outdoor cafes but we continued on and eventually stopped at a Popeye restaurant which we had discussed doing the last time we discovered one there. Hoping for a shrimp dinner, all they had was popcorn shrimp so we got chicken instead. We don't have a Popeye near us, so it had been a few years and we really thought they had shrimp.
Heading home we stopped in LaPorte, where DH works. This is the LaPorte courthouse. Isn't it beautiful? It just underwent a renovation.

We found some more sales and a hidden thrift shop off the beaten path. I found a vintage hat filled with appliques which I will remove and dye for CQ. $2.00. Mom found a book and a beautiful scarf.

It was a fun day and don't ask me where 7 hours went because I haven't a clue. When I got home I changed and jumped on the mower, then push mowed the garden. DH is down with a bad allergy attack, so since my Claritin kicked in, I was good to go. I filtered the pool as I was mowing, added a few gals of chlorine and called it a day.

I will take pics of my finds tomorrow.I've been a bit melancholy today because this morning I received the news that a sweet friend lost her father after losing her mom, aunt and uncle all this year. It is so unfair, and not right at all for one person to lose so much at once. I know she needs time, but I have to let her know I am here if she wants to stop by for coffee, tea, wine, or just to veg out or create. Knowing friends are there for you is sometimes all you need until you can function again.

I have been putting my energy to work on a gift for a friend today, and I embellished two more puzzle pieces and I watched Benjamin Button with the guys, which I really enjoyed. I'm not a big Brad Pitt fan, but he played this character very well I thought.

This is the gift I just finished for a friend which I will give to her tomorrow. The picture looks awful,sorry.We found the backing fabric on an outing together which I took the colors from.I also thought I would make up a fun box of silk ribbons for her to play with. I punched holes in pretty card tags with special messages and put silk ribbons through as I layered them in tissue paper so she has to "discover" each colorway.

Tuesday I must put finishing touches on a project and then finish a few more smaller items before I can declare myself "free". Well, actually free to start on a larger commission project. Then a dozen smaller things,more puzzles, then............alright, I'll never be finished,LOL.
Off to a bubble bath and small glass of wine. Nighty night.


  1. Pat! What a wonderful day you and your Mom had...I can't get over how many wonderful places you have at hand to visit and shop for wonderful things.
    I never have these opportunities in my part of the world but I certainly get a thrill from reading your adventures..
    Not only that but....where oh where do you get all your energy???? VBG
    thanks for sharing your fun day..

  2. Growing up in MN I remember all the big old homes with so much character. Now being in WA you really don't see the real old ones.Your gift is so special and I am sure your friend will love it.Sharon

  3. What a wonderful day you had with your mother.... I would give anything to spend a day like that with my mom, who passed almost 2 years ago. But on a lighter note, did you know that the "crackling" you mentioned on the old bowl is actually called "crazing". It is very common in older pottery, and is believed to have been named "crazing" because the lines resemble.... you guessed it... crazy quilting! (I collect vintage cookie jars). Hugs, Cathy


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