Tuesday, June 16, 2009

finishing projects....

I just finished a fairy purse for a lady who saw the small pouches in Sew Somerset. It was fun to create a larger version and keeping the whimsical fairy theme.
I got to use some of that beautiful new beaded trim I recently found at Vogue fabrics in Lansing...and some of the sweet hand dyed fuchsia trim......they just had to make it on a fairy purse!

I also embellished two more puzzles which I will trim and finish this evening.

This one is a purplish blue..not sure what to call it but I love the colors in person.
This peachy/pink and green looks kind of "shabby chic" to me.
Love the little girl with roses...one of my all time favorite images.

That will do it for this evening. I am off to finish these so they can be mailed tomorrow.Tonight "Saving Grace" returns...yeah!!!!! I will be ready!


  1. I love it! Your work is so awesome.. you are so talented!

  2. Once again, your work has me drooling and giving me something to aspire to someday. :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  3. The purse turned out great. Love the shabby chic puzzle piece!!!

  4. Pat!
    Your Fairy Purse is wonderful - love the hand painted fushia trim!!
    my puzzle piecesa rrived yesterday! I love each and everyone but the one form you is extra specail. To see your amazing work with all of the ribbon work is simply an amazing experience
    Thank you so much and I will be ready for round 2!~!!

  5. Beautiful work Pat! You AMAZING wonder woman!!!!!!! I love Grace too, it is about the best show on TV. Wasn't that a great start! Sure left us hanging.

  6. "They say things are moving slower these days BUT.....why am I getting this post on Saturday? I say internet get with the program. I need to see these posts in a timely fashion!!!!!" Now I shall step off my soap box (can you see me) and say, Love all you have been doing. I too love the little girl with the roses in her hair. I love your painted flowers too. What do you use if I may ask? Hugs Sharon


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