Monday, June 22, 2009

Finishing projects is pure bliss....................

Don't you just love it when projects are in their final stages? I love choosing fabrics and embellishments, and would love to have a job doing so, but there is nothing so blissful than seeing a project in completion. If you are not one to plan a project, such as myself, this is the moment of truth. The image in your mind all comes together harmoniously....hopefully anyway.

I am about to attach the clasp to the violet purse.......................the beaded berry fringe did not make the cut. It was distracting. LOL....crazy quilting..distracting????? Too funny...oxymoron or what?

Next I will assemble this little Flapper girl floral tote/purse.......which I am naming "Ivory Ann". A sweet online friend of mine adopted that name for herself and the little girl image just suits it perfectly.Ivory Ann is a pretty name which reminds me of innocence , loyalty and flowers. I thought this would make a nice purse size tote for books or a shopping trip. I used one of my favorite fabrics near the right side of the image for the backing. It is a medium weight silky textured fabric which reminds me of waves. I think it will go nice with relaxed jeans or casual dress.I bought it from Lemon Creek fabrics in MI.

Last but not least, I will start to embellish this pastel purse............most likely in an hour or two on the front porch with a cold glass of vino!
Naturally I will take the suggestion from the image label and name this purse,"Lil Miss Lippincott".

That will be it for today. Tomorrow I start on smaller projects and hopefully deliver everything by Friday.
Then back to puzzle pieces and then special friends projects. I will share a picture of them as I finish however I cannot say who they are for :-)
I'm off to stitch up a storm!


  1. That is a gorgeous purse!
    I like the silky-wavy fabric. I just won a giveaway from Ribbonsmyth in April and I recently received the package and there was some plum colored fabric in the stash that was very similar to that texture of fabric. It's gorgeous! I'm going to be posting about it later this week. I got some green and pink silk ribbons, too! Now, what to do!

  2. Pat your work is so beautiful and I am so inspired but honestly I have had some other things I have had to complete before I begin my "crazy" journey.. I can hardly wait... and so often in the day I think maybe I could just start a little something.... probably a little bag which is one of my weaknesses, but then the little guy sitting on my shoulder says.. "No Maggie""" finish what you are doing.... OK OK OK...
    Soon though I promise.. Meanwhile I will justy soak up the beauty of your work...

  3. Breathtaking ~ aren't we all SO blessed to be able to glean inspiration from this talented girl?


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